9 July 2017 (Sunday) - On the Early Shift

Ideally I wouldn’t have been getting up at 5.30am on a Sunday morning, but the alarm was set for 6am anyway. Over brekkie (the last of the strawberry preserve) I saw that absolutely nothing had happened overnight on Facebook, and I’d had no emails whatsoever.
So I set off to work a few minutes earlier than I might have done so’s I could hunt out a geocache. There was one in the general vicinity of a statue of a monk on the Pilgrim’s Way. I say “in the general vicinity of”; I found it laying on the floor in front of the statue. I’ve put it back in what I think was the right place. There was another cache nearby; I solved the field puzzle for that one; I shall go get the thing the next time I’m on an early shift on a weekend and sulking about what I might be missing.

As I drove the pundits on the radio started off with a little documentary about glow worms. A few years back at a camping event we had a song about a glow worm: “Bertie, Bertie, Bertie the wonder glow worm. He doesn’t burp, He doesn’t fart. He just drives about in a hovercraft”. I’ve never been able to take glow worms seriously after that.
There was also discussion about who will be the next James Bond. Daniel Craig looks set to play the part again. He was quoted as saying that if he did it, it wouldn’t be for the money. Bearing in mind he would be getting something in the region of sixty million quid for playing the part I’m sure the money might just have some small bearing on his decision.
And there was news from the general Synod who were discussing the pros and cons of holding blessing services for people who’ve just completed transgender surgery.
My piss boiled a little here. It must be wonderful to be a member of the Church of England. You really can believe whatever total bollox you want. These priests and vicars and bishops claim to be ordained ministers of the Christian Church. The mainstay of that church (the Bible) is crystal clear that God created men and women. Presumably God knew what he was doing when He did so? Personally I’m not sure about this, but I don’t profess to be a Christian. I just seem to know more about it that those ordained into the religion.

I got to work, and had a busy day. But I quite liked it. I was busy, and the time soon passed.
I came home to find "er indoors TM" sitting by the new pergola. She quite likes it, which is probably for the best. I also came home to an email. One of my geocaches has been stolen.
Or, to be precise, the log holder of one of my caches has been stolen.
The cache itself is a standard sandwich box in a crash barrier near Canterbury. The log however is inside it in a wooden puzzle box. Dead simple to find, rather tricky to open. It was a fun cache and had forty-one favourite points (that’s a good thing in geo-circles). But someone has stolen the puzzle box. They’d left the plastic box it was in, but stolen the puzzle box. Why steal it? – it wasn’t in the best of conditions, and you get bet brand new ones on eBay for less than two quid. If someone is *really* that poor, I’d buy them a new one.
I’m rather cross about this episode. This cache was in a rather obscure place; it *isn’t* the sort of place you would randomly walk past. Someone knew it was there. A geocacher has taken the wooden box; a passing normal person wouldn’t have left the plastic box as a functional geocache. I had pretty much the same thing happen to another of my caches which was not two miles from this one. Someone I’d probably consider a friend is stealing from the hobby.
Oh well, I knew that when I stopped working in Canterbury I’d eventually have to archive all my caches in the area. That’s another one gone…

We popped the leads onto the dogs and walked them round the park. As it was a warm afternoon we played about in the river for a while. As the dogs splashed I created the place as somewhere that you can check in to on Facebook.
We had a rather good bit of dinner, and then with "er indoors TM" off bowling I spent a little while farting around with the DVD player. It has had it. I’ll get a new one tomorrow…

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