31 July 2021 (Saturday) - Family Get-Together

There was a minor bit of excitement this morning as my COVID test came out positive. After a moment’s panic I realised what I thought had been a second pink line was actually a bit of jam on the test card. I did chuckle as I registered yet another negative result.

I sparked up my lap-top and peered into the Internet. The amazingly wanton Liane Francke had disappeared from Facebook overnight (which was probably just as well). I sent out three birthday wishes, then had a look to see what people were arguing about today. I did roll my eyes at one post I saw. Someone with whom I used to work is constantly posting anti-vaccination propaganda despite having only recently been released from a French prison (having been banged up for over a year for selling unlicenced and unproven cancer treatments). This morning she was posting more of the stuff. I think she’s on a hiding to nothing; yesterday the pundits on the radio were saying how die-hard anti-vaxxers in the USA were taking the vaccines having been offered a hundred dollars with each jab.


I took Pogo and Treacle over to the co-op field for a bit of a run. Yesterday they were as good as gold; today we had a little grumbling at other dogs. And with dogs walked I got ready for the day. The event shelter went up, chairs and tables went out… tidying and organising… “Daddy’s Little Angel TM” arrived, and me and her sat and had a drinkie or two until the rest of the family arrived.


We had a good afternoon with all the tribe. Sitting in the garden, eating far too much… The threatened rain which was forecast for three o’clock was no more than a couple of drips, and the rain held off ubtil after six o’clock by which time things were incredibly vague. I took a few photos during the afternoon, if only to remind myself what happened.

Apparently I won thirty quid during the family Zoom bingo session later in the evening… that was a result.

30 July 2021 (Friday) - Another Facebook Friend ?

By the time we'd put the picnic table together last night it was rather late so “er indoors TM” went up to the KCF to get our dinner. Much as I like that stuff, it is rather salty, and I was up a few times in the night for copious amounts of orange squash, and consequently copious amounts of tiddling.

I eventually tired of going up and down the stairs and made an early brekkie As I scoffed it I watched another episode of "Chewing Gum" in which our heroine was surprisingly non-un-moral for once.


Needing to make an early start I didn't bother with the Internet this morning. I headed off to work. Initially I went in completely the wrong direction; the car needed petrol. Sainsburys does the cheapest petrol and does Nectar points too.

As I went into the kiosk to pay for petrol I took my time getting a sandwich and a bag of crisps. The argumentative old biddies on the tills were being particularly nasty about the customer who had just walked out, and having completely slagged off pretty much everything about the chap one said to the other "but he was nothing; you should have seen the one who came in on Wednesday". It was at this point that they realised that I could hear every word and they went quiet, which was a shame. I would have liked to have heard about "the one who came in on Wednesday".


As I drove in the right direction for work the pundits on the radio were talking about how Team GB has won a gold medal in the women's BMX bike riding event (and a silver medal in the men's event). It would seem that BMX bike riding is now an Olympic event with multiple categories. The commentator was trying to make a big story out of the fact that the woman who won the gold medal had paid for all of her expenses for the Olympics by crowdfunding. She's raised over fifty thousand quid that way. Good for her. Since she didn't have fifty thousand quid of her own to pay for it, she raised the money she needed. That's what I did when I was part of a team that took scouts to Canada (twice).

Mind you, the implication was that the British Olympic team should be funded by the government (and ultimately by extension by us). Most other sporting events are paid for by the sponsorship, with the participants being paid a wage and paid expenses. Is it fair to expect the taxpayers to pay for the Olympic team? I'm certainly not keen in the idea.

But after a little looking about on-line it seems that he UK Government *did* fund the BMX teams, but cut funding to the women's team to pay for the men’s team.

That's an entirely different can of worms.


There was also talk of a growing "thing" in that some employers are offering unlimited annual leave to their staff  The idea is that if you can show your boss that you've done all your work then you can have a day off. And you can have as many days off as you like *provided* you've done all your work. I quite like the sound of this... at the moment the hard workers and the skivers get equal amounts of leave. But under this sort of regime some (me!) would have a couple of days off every week, and some would never have a day off again. Ever.

I suppose the scheme is all very well all the time you are the one getting  time off. The take home message is to take advantage of your mate's efforts whilst dumping all your crap on him.... *if* you can get away with it.


I got to work. As I walked in I did chuckle. There is a lot of landscaping being done at work. One of the contractors turned to another, and as I walked past he announced "they want a shrubbery!" Since when did the Knights Who Say Ni! control the hospital grounds?

I did my bit at work, and got away early (being on another early shift). I drove home singing along to Ivor Biggun’s second album “More Filth Dirt Cheap”.

Once home I walked Treacle and Pogo up to the park and back. They were as good as gold. We saw several other dogs; Treacle ignored them all, and Pogo looked at each one and then looked at me as though to say “look – I’m being good”.


“er indoors TM” boiled up fish and chips which we scoffed whist watching an episode of “Richard Osman’s House of Games” in which one of the celebrity contestants (I won’t say who) appeared to be drunk. I wonder if she was?

I did some ironing, wrote up some CPD, and then got a friend request on Facebook. Liane Francke  He, she or it claims to have started a new group of adults for WhatsApp featuring many single girls who are willing to “do the dirty deed” for free. If I join this group I get the opportunity to “do the dirty deed” with “my type of girl”. I considered telling him, her or it that “my type of girl” is one that feeds me, and (quite frankly) all the time “my type of girl” is wasting time on “doing the dirty deed”, she’s not getting busy in the kitchen.

I’ve reported Liane Francks to the Facebook authorities – I wonder what they will do.

29 July 2021 (Thursday) - Cake, Picnic Table

In this morning's episode of "Chewing Gum" our heroine met a unicorn... which was certainly utterly unlike anything I might have expected, and took unmorality to a whole new height. I shall stick to fluffy pink ones with rainbows, and idly wonder why my male friends who are "on the other bus" seem to be obsessed with them. If any of my loyal readers don't know what "unicorns" are, you can find out on Google, but I wouldn't recommend it.

There were a couple of squabbles kicking off on Facebook this morning. The co-op are selling ice cubes made with British water. "British water" ?! How does that work - have the co-op never hear of the water cycle? Water goes all over the planet. I suspect that the co-op means that by using water sourced from Britain they are reducing transport costs. However in doing so they are encouraging the half-witted jingoistic element who had been ranting (on various Facebook pages) that British water was far superior to foreign water. I rolled my eyes, and on reading about the next squabble I wondered if I would be going to prison any time soon...

For some odd reason several people were (independently) insisting that it was illegal to own a sword. According to what I can glean from the government's own website it is perfectly legal to have a sword (or two) in the house. But it is illegal to brandish them in the street or to try to sell them privately. However there were those who didn't hold with formal government advice and insisted that owning a sword was illegal because their mate said so and he was told by a policeman.

I did the final bit of admin on this month's Munzee clan war (there's lots of swords in there!) and set off to work.


As well as loads of talk of the Olympics on the radio there was also talk about COVID vaccinations and how several big companies (Google and Facebook were mentioned) are insisting that their employees be vaccinated against COVID before being allowed on their premises. This seems to be perfectly reasonable to most people, but the crackpot lunatic fringe were kicking off. Civil liberties were being infringed. Apparently it is one's God-given right to spread infection far and wide(!)

Interestingly most of the people I know who advocate against the COVID vaccine do so because they claim the thing is an unknown quantity, but have no problems (at all) in sourcing recreational drugs from dubious characters lurking on unlit street corners.

There was also talk about the threatened demise of the BTec. As someone with both an Ordinary and a Higher BTec certificate I would be sorry to see them go. I spent four rather good years getting those, and met many good friends as I did. There was some chap singing the praises of the BTecs on the radio today, but whereas in the past there would have been an interview with a lecturer or a college principal, the chap talking today was the chief executive of a local college. Isn't that a sign of our times?


Pausing only briefly to avoid being run off the road by a lorry of "Better Fencing Ltd" I was soon at work. The early shift started rather frantically, but eventually calmed down. We had a substantially better day than yesterday for two reasons. Firstly I didn't have to step up to cover for the boss (who had been off sick), and secondly because there was cake. More cake than sense.


An early start made for an early finish. I came home, mowed the lawn, and watched “er indoors TM” put the new picnic table together. We only had one serious mistake during assembly, but that was put right in less than five minutes. I must admit the thing is rather smaller than I thought it might be, and some of the wood is quite seriously pissed, but the table is together.

I wonder how long it will be before I drive the scraps of it to the tip…