Who Writes This Drivel??

Old enough to know better, and often wondering why I bother. In retrospect I wish I'd listened to my mother.
I have no idea what she said, but had I listened, I'm sure things would have turned out differently.

About me...

Married for thirty-five years, I have two adult children, three grand-children and a menagerie of grand-dogs.
I have degrees in mathematics and life science, and post graduate qualifications in the theory of distance-based models of delivering education. To pay my bills I keep busy, but I try not to mention work too much here; I do that somewhere else on the net.

In the past I have bred pythons and boa constrictors, having built their vivaria myself. I ran a rather successful herpetological web site for some years. I have been bitten by tigers and anacondas. I have flown kites large enough to lift me off the ground. I have appeared on television several times, once or twice appearing as a Klingon (for no adequately explored reason). I was a Cub Scout leader for thirteen years, and in that time I took cub scouts to France, Canada (twice) and the United States.
I have been a steward of the Methodist church (before I saw the darkness), and then I became (and still am) an accredited minister of the Church of the Apathetic Agnostic (don’t know, don’t care!), but am slowly wondering if I might just be mistaken in my agnosticism.

Nowadays (when nothing else is planned), with a group of friends I will cycle or walk or fish or camp or geocache. I was voted "Kent Geocacher of the Year" in 2015.
For an overweight aging fifty-something I amaze myself by regularly walking all day long at the weekends with my two (sometimes three) small dogs.
I enjoy archery and fishing whenever I get a spare moment. I frequent beer festivals, kite festivals and bonfire parades whenever the opportunity arises. I've taken to brewing beer at home, and have been pleasantly surprised with my results.
I am currently putting the finishing touches to my first novel. But to be honest I have been doing that for nine years.

Why my Blog Title?

As a child I read two other Secret Diaries – one of Adrian Mole and one of Hadrian Vile. Both of which have influenced me over the years. As for the “Manky Badger” – it’s my old C.B. radio name from the early 1980s. Since that time I (like Mrs McCave) have found out that the world already has enough Daves in it..

About my blog...

This blog is my diary, my plans for the future, my rants about the world I'm stuck in. I write it because if I don’t, I will forget what I’ve done with my life.
I welcome comments on all blog entries, especially if anyone should disagree with me. But I reserve the right not to publish offensive comments, and I usually don't publish anonymous comments. After all, it's easy enough to add your name to your comment.