19 July 2017 (Wednesday) - Rostered Day Off

I woke at 2am to the most odd noise coming from the back of the house. Whatever it was had upset the dogs and they were growling. I went to investigate; it was hail. The biggest hailstones were hitting the back windows with so much force I thought they might be about to come through.
And then the lightening started. That didn’t bother the dogs in the slightest, but the occasional rumble of thunder did. Strange how they reacted only to sound, and not to the flashes of light.
The storm soon passed (unlike elsewhere in the county) and I got back to sleep.

Over brekkie "Daddy’s Little Angel TM" phoned. She seemed as well as can be expected after Buster’s demise yesterday, and was talking about driving lessons. If anyone can recommend a good instructor…
I then had a look on Facebook. There was a little conversation about my series of geocaches in Bethersden. Apparently someone was out walking them yesterday and the landowner has told him he doesn’t want them on his land, so the entire lot has to come in. This landowner actually doesn’t want people using the public rights of way on his land. Why anyone would tell any landowner about the geocaches is beyond me though. The unwritten rule is stealth. You keep quiet about what you are up to.
Hours (if not days) of preparation and maintenance and not inconsiderable expense all wasted... And now I’m on a five-day working week (as opposed to the three-day pattern of my last job) finding time to set a replacement series is going to be difficult.

Being on a five-day working week meant I was off today (in lieu of this coming Saturday). Originally I’d planned to go fishing but events conspired against me. So I started off as I so often do by walking the dogs round the park. As we came to the park gates there was a Sapphic pair of young ladies openly snogging in front of the Jehovah’s Witnesses. I wondered if this was some sort of protest; I watched for a few minutes, then left them to it. As we went round the park both dogs missed seeing squirrels, Treacle ran in terror from every other dog, and Fudge trailed twenty yards behind. Apart from the lesbians it was much like any other dog walk.

We came home, I hung out the washing, cleared dog poo, and then did something I’ve been meaning to do for some time. My biggest garden water feature was a bit tired. The water was smelly, there was grass growing up through it. I took it apart, cleaned it out and reassembled it.
How easy that sounds.
Getting all the gravel up took some doing, and I didn’t lose *too* much blood lifting the various metal grilles that supported the gravel. I decided against taking up the buried farm gate that holds it all in place. I then angled the water feature to empty the reservoir, turned it all on and nothing happened. Eventually I managed to fix the pump, and stagnant water gushed out. Right in my face. There is a reservoir of a cubic metre of water, and it stank to high heaven. I angled the thing to empty the reservoir and soon a swamp formed. So I revamped everything so’s the water gushed into the little red dustbin and I used that to chuck water onto the parched bits of the lawn. In the process I nearly broke a toe, and actually broke the little red dustbin. We’ve had that little red dustbin for years. It was originally "My Boy TM"’s toybox. I was rather sad to find I’d broke it.
Eventually the reservoir was emptied. I re-filled it with the hose, and bunged in a bottle of citrus bleach.
Grilles went back in place, gravel went back, and Fudge was soon playing with it. I was a little worried about the bleach, but it is so diluted now it is less bleachy than a swimming pool.

I then got the bits of decking I sawed up on Sunday and screwed them together into planters. There was a minor problem in that my sawing had been a tad iffy, but what is a home-made planter without rustic charm?
I got the sides of the first one (sort of) together when my new electric screwdriver gave up the ghost. It is only good for forty-eight screws on one charge (bit like me, really).
So I set it charging and scoffed a spot of lunch whist watching Sunday’s episode of “Poldark”. It was rather good if you like that sort of thing. Personally I do, but I know I’m in the minority.
After an hour there was some charge back in the screwdriver so I made a start of assembling the second planter. Just as the screwdriver ran out I hit on this frankly genius idea of taking the charger outside and charging the thing whilst I was using the drill to make pilot holes. It was an idea which worked. I got the second planter together. There was a minor hiccup when I realised what I’d sawed for the bases wouldn’t fit, but I sawed up some more spare wood, and all was good.
A lick of paint, and they were ready to go.

By the time I’d then pulled weeds out of shingle, pushed shingle about, pruned back next door’s jungle, re-potted my antirrhinums and had a cuppa it was 7pm. My original idea was to have done with the garden by mid-day.

"er indoors TM" came home with curry. I deserve that…

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