30 September 2014 (Tuesday) - Stuff

When "Daddies Little Angel TM" was small she would creep into our bed in the middle of the night and slowly but methodically push and push until I was hanging over the edge and she had all of the space in which I was once sleeping. By doing it slowly she wouldn't actually wake me whilst she was taking over the bed. Instead I would eventually wake up hanging over the edge of the bed having lost all of the covers.
"Furry Face TM" did much the same thing last night.

I got up, and nearly went arse over tit down the stairs. A certain dog had arranged all his toys at tthe top of the stairs. Over brekkie I watched the latest episode of "Revolution". I say "latest"; I mean "next". Having spent months walking hundreds of miles, our heroes now seem able to cover the same distance in a few scant hours. And despite being able to shoot villanous henchmen (cowering behind shelter) from hundreds of yards away, they are unable to shoot chief baddie (who is in the open) from a distance of five yards.
And then I spent ten minutes watching the "Nutribullet" infomercial. If any of my loyal readers haven't seen it, it's amazing. Not the product; the advert itself. It features some chap with a very odd facial hair arrangement waxing lyrical about a food blender whilst a rather hot bimbo drivels of about a rainbow of nutrition and a spectrum of flavours.
Personally I would struggle to spend more than a minute talking about a food blender; they don't shut up. If I knew their address I'd tell them they could buy the same thing for a fraction of the price on eBay.

As I drove to work I was amazed by the news. The one-time leader of the Conservative party has threatened the business community and told them that they should keep their noses out of politics. Speaking about a possible referendum about Britain's continued membership of the European Union he apparently said “The only answer for all concerned is for big business to keep out and not express a corporate view.
So much for democracy. I would have thought that those with real-life experience would be better placed to make reasoned judgements than Westminster's gasbags, but what do I know?

Equally amazing was the revelation that we've just had the driest September since records began. Was it really less than a year ago that much of the country was flooded. I can remember going round Ashford and photographing our usual walks which were at the time under copious amounts of water.

I got to work, and my new trousers were noticed. I told the girls that they were my "Mr Sex Trousers" and I was wearing them to show the ladies that I meant business.
I soon found myself regretting that foolish bravado.
I also spent much of the day regretting having done my knee by climbing that tree at the weekend. But (as I said to one of my critics) if God hadn't intended for me to climb that tree he wouldn't have put it there in the first place. He would have put a sofa and a telly there instead.
Despite the gammy limb I struggled out to the car park at lunch time to tootle away on my saxophone. "The Wild White Rose" sounds awful, and I can't get more than six bars into "The Sorcerer's Apprentice". I really struggle when I don't have a tune to which I can sing along.

Home, and I took "Furry Face TM" for a walk. This time I took along his ball and ball chucker. I had given up on the ball chucker as every time I chuck the ball he runs after it, gets it, and then won't let me have the thing back. He would rather carry the ball for the entire walk; which rather defeats the purpose of taking a ball with which to play.
But (as "er indoors TM" said) if he has his ball in his mouth he can't be eating crap from the pavement (such as KFC chicken bones, other dogs' turds and dead mice) as he has occasionally been known to do.
There's no denying there was a lot less farting from that dog this evening...

29 September 2014 (Monday) - Bad Knee

I woke in some pain this morning. LIfting heavy rubbish to the tip, mowing the lawn and tree climbing over the weekend would seem to haave taken their toll. The insides of my thighs are bruised, and my left knee is *really* painful.
I watched "Revolution" over brekkie. I suspect the show has now got to the stage that they have run out of plot and are filling air time with gratuitous violence, but I shale persevere with it.

I then checked out social media, and unsubscribed from yet another on-line geocaching forum. Geocaching is an odd hobby in many ways. Not least of which in that it uses state of the art GPS technology to hunt the sandwich boxes, but then expects everyone to waste hours messing about using antiquated technology to record what they've done afterwards. Those of us who use current technology to record what we are doing as we actually do it are in a tiny minority, and are openly looked down upon.
I packed up with the Geocaching UK forum. I'd found myself embroiled in a thread about why people like me who don't want to waste their time (and make the effort so that they don't have to) should actually make a point of wasting hours messing on a web site because there is some obscure merit in doing things the hard way.
Life is too short to piddle abbout.

Off to work. Yesterday I mentioned I'd downloaded a high quality voice for the sat-nav. I tested it this morning. It sounds absolutely identical to the old one. Mind you I've not been anywhere near Gravy-Send or Row-Chester yet.
As I drove I listened to the radio. The pundits were discussing the ex-Conservative MP Mark Reckless who has now joined UKIP.
At least he is now doing the decent thing and is seeking re-election as a UKIP candidate rather than retaining his seat in the House of Commons. He hopes that he will be re-elected. Somehow I doubt it. Nowadays who votes for a person? I have no idea who my M.P. is; all I know is that he is the Conservative one. I suspect Mr Reckless will find the same. No one voted for him,; everyone voted for the colour of the rosette he was wearing.

I stopped off at Morrisons this morning for some shopping. In a novel break with tradition, absolutely nothing of note happened there. I got my stuff, paid for it, and got off to work utterly uneventfully.
Work was far from uneventful; it was a rather busy day. Sax practice was tricky; I prefer learning new songs to which I know the words. Today's new tune is completely new to me.

Home again, and with "Furry Face TM" walked round the park and tea scoffed I set myself in front of the telly for a telly-a-thon. "Big Bang Theory", "Revolution", "Family Guy"... I love my SkyPlus box...
Mind you I couldn't really domuch else this evening. My knee's not got any better as the day's gone on...

28 September 2014 (Sunday) - West Hythe

I slept through till 7.30am this morning. That is unheard of. I was well pleased. I got up and found my dog on the sofa equally sparko. Bearing in mind the relatively late start I didn't put anything on the telly; I just had a look-see on-line. Not a lot was happening, really. I messed about with my next geo-project for a while, but after an hour I was *so* bored.

I took "Furry Face TM" for a little walk round the park and then on here, there and thither. Whilst out we Ingressed a little. There's no denying I'm getting a little bored with that game now. In order to actually *do* anything in the game you have to collect stuff from virtual portals that you find as you are walking about. You only get a couple of things from each portal you pass, so you find yourself doing quite a lot of walking about to collect very little stuff. And you then wake the next morning to find that overnight the opposition has smashed up all that you worked hard to set up.
I suppose it's something to do whilst walking my dog, but more and more I find myself walking that dog with the phone in my pocket and the Ingress app turned off.

We then drove down to the furthest southerly reaches of Ashford where a geocache had apparentlly been stuck up a tree. We saw it from twenty yards away; and I got to within four feet of it. I just couldn't get any purchase on the tree trunk to get myself up the last few feet. Maybe next time...
We then drove down to West Hythe where we had a little geo-walk round a lake, then we walked down the sea wall for a mile or so.
I took a few photos whilst we were out.

Whilst we were out I got cross with my sat-nav app. When we are out in poor quality internet signal areas it *always* wants to download a high quality voice file which is 100Mb in size. When we get home and on to wi-fi it denies all knowledge of any add-on voice files. It tried this trick again today and I called its bluff. I started the download whilst we were out, then I stopped it and continued it on the wi-fi once home.
I wonder if it worked. I shall try it out on the way to work tomorrow.

After a rather good bit of scoff "er indoors TM" set off bowling, and I set about the laundry. Shirts and undercrackers. As I ironed I watched "Jeeves and Wooster" on UK Gold. Bertie got bashed up off of Honoria Glossop, then had an altercation over a cow creamer with Sir Watkyn Basset.
They don't make 'em like that any more. Which is probably for the best....
(Is it just me, or does Totleigh Towers look just like Downton Abbey?)

27 September 2014 (Saturday) - Home Alone

There was no burning reason for me to be up early this morning. I don't know why, but I was wide awake at 4am, and I was up and watching "Revolution" on the telly before 6am. Much as I do like that show, it does ocassionally lack plausibility. In today's episode our hero had the baddie in his sights. Literally. And then did something utterly unbeleivable. Having walked from Chicago to Philadelphia (750 miles according to Google Maps) our hero had a rifle pointing at the baddie (at a distance of five yards), and then threw the rifle away to have a sword fight with said baddie. And acted surprised when the baddie got away.
Would you do that?

The second wash load was into the washing machine by 6.30am. Being bored I thought up my top ten album list and posted it onto Facebook (for want of anything else to do)
I then got the washing on the line and took "Furry Face TM" for a little stroll round the North Park where he woofed at some ducks. We came home in time to say goodbye to "er indoors TM" who was off to a family bash. Perhaps I should have gone along too, but I'd got my sax lesson booked and I didn't really have enough notice to cancel it.
I then took a car load of rubbish to the tip, and once home again I mowed the lawn. With lawn mowed I set about the monthly accounts, and then did the same to the astro club's accounts. Both are reasonable, but both could be better. Whilst ploughing through my letter rack I found a money-off voucher for Matalan. Result !

I popped round to give Jason some money he was owed by the astro club, then went round for my sax lesson. The lesson went well; my homework pieces from last time came out OK; this week's homework is rather tricky though.
I then went to Matalan to squander my new-found money off voucher. I needed some new trousers for work, and I got a new slob-about fleece as well. My current slob-about fleece (the Grumpy one) is ten years old, discoloured and has several holes. It's had a fair innings, and needs to be retired.

Once home I then heaved the rear seats back into my car. They've been out some time, and were in the way where they were. What with shifting garden compost to the tip this morning and moving the car seats this afternoon I think I might have strained my back.

I put "Furry Face TM"'s collar and lead on him and we went for a little stroll. As we walked through Newtown I heard a commotion from an upstairs window. As I looked up I caught the eye of a potentially foxy young lady in that window who was wearing nothing but a rather saucy bra and a rather sour expression. As she turned away she shouted "F*!@ off - I'm not interested". To be honest that came as some relief; my back wasn't up to dealing with a bra like that. I then heard a muffled man's voice say something and said bra-wearing lady turned to look into the room and shouted "well stick it up your...".
I walked away giggling.
As we walked past Asda I thought we might try for that geocache I failed to find twice earlier in the week. My GPS app told me I was within two yards of where I needed to be when I was harangued by a passing idiot who was pushing a wheelbarrow full of rubbish. He was having a rant about all the rubbish that he'd picked up, and loudly announced that he'd been spending years clearing up after people like me. I told him that I'd only walked down the path for the first time only five days ago because the path had only been open for less than two weeks. The idiot took no notice and carried on ranting, so I walked away. As I went he shouted after me that there were no dog dung bins along the new path, and I might like to put some out.
I mooched for twenty minutes and then returned to the geocache's general location hoping that the idiot had gone. He had, and I met some geo-buddies who (like me) were after this elusive cache. After a little to-ing and fro-ing it turned out that my initial idea of where I thought it was had been utterly wrong. The thing was actually a far easier hide than I had been expecting it to be.

We then geo-chatted for a little while, and then I took my dog home past the pet shop where I got him a bone for his tea. I got myself some kebab meat and chips, and with both of us fed I settled down to iron all that I'd washed earlier.
I know how to live on a Saturday night...

26 September 2014 (Friday) - Astro Club

Last night we had a bottle of plonk with dinner, and as there was a little bit of cheese I had a glass of port with it. Consequently I felt a tad rough this morning as I watched "Revolution". It has got one or two plot holes, but as these shows go, it's not bad.
I scoffed my brekkie as my dog snored and then set off to work.

As I drove I listened to the radio. Nigel Farrage, leader of UKIP was ranting. He does that. Yesterday I expressed amazement at how well his party was doing despite having nothing to offer the electorate other than unbridled jingoism. Today he was again doing the same; painting a picture of a Britain utterly perfect in every way financed by our leaving the European Union.
I was also amazed at the story of the seventy-year old chap in prison in Pakistan having been shot by one of the guards whilst waiting for execution for blasphemy.
It's easy to forget that large parts of the world are still in the dark ages.
And Parliament has been recalled to discuss bombing somewhere else in the Middle East.
A year ago the same politicians were talking about taking a stand against the lot we are now supporting. Does anyone understand what's actually going on in the Middle East? I certainly don't.

I got to work, and did my bit. After I'd scoffed my sandwich I went to the car park and had what I thought was a reasonable sax practice. The passing proles didn't think so; one spotty oik walking along a nearby footpath bellowed "Oi mister.... you're rubbish" and then ran off as fast as he could.
I spent the rest of the afternoon giggling about that.

After work I set off to McDonalds where I met up with "er indoors TM", Jimbo and Stevey for some McTea, and then it was on to astro club. We had a good talk tonight about the spin-offs from the space program which have benefitted society at large. And after cake for McMillan's Day Stevey gave a rather good talk about four things can be found in the sky using the pair of squegasus as a point of reference. Pausing only briefly fo confuse Uranus with Neptune Stevey gave a really good talk.
It was only a shame that the attendance wasn't what it once was. Where we used to have a turn-out of over seventy; tonight's show saw only about forty people. And despite clearing skies no one seemed to want to telescope.

25 September 2014 (Thursday) - Social Attitudes

I had another decent night's sleep; and being on a late shift I didn't stir until nearly 7am. That is a serious lie-in for me. In a break with recent viewing I watched Les Dennis in "Extras" today. It struck me that this episode will quite likely be of interest to future historians if only to show how quickly social standards change. Today's episode featured Les Dennis as a fading pantomime star openly expecting sexual favours from the various young women he encountered through his celebrity status; because that was the public expectation when the show was first released in August 2005. Today that sort of behaviour (which was clearly seen as acceptable nine years ago) is seen as grounds for jailing celebrities.

I got "Furry Face TM" into his collar and lead and we went for a little walk. A couple of days ago I mentioned a new local geocache I couldn't find. We went back today and still couldn't find it. My High-tech GPS device (phone) led be to the middle of a new footbridge. With the cache having an "easy peasy" rating it should be a cinch. I couldn't find it. Again. I have some theories.... either the co ords are way out, it's gone, or I'm just being thick. Mind you I do have a suspicion where it might be, but that would involve a spanner and disassembling part of the bridge. I'm not sure I want to do that.
We gave up and continued our walk, and on aanother bridge we met a "plum". I *really* must have an idiot magnet. The footbridge between the Riiverside Inn and the Outlet Centre is eight to ten feet wide. Me and my dog were walking along the far left hand side with the furry one sniffing the raillings (as you do). A clearly retired idiot had a properly nasty whinge that the little dog was in his way and was taking up too much of the width of the footbridge.
One day I will stop smiling sweetly at these people.

Off to work. As I drove "Women's Hour" was on the radio. They had an interview with the UKIP Deputy Chairman Suzanne Evans. In a ten minute interview she didn't actually say anything definitive or actually commit her party to anything. Instead she waxed loquacious about how wonderful everything would be if we sent all the foreigners back on the next banana boat. In fact she got rather over-excited about that. It amazes me how well this lot are doing in elections and opinion polls without actually having any policies. I suppose it just shows how much of the general public want nothing more than to send all the foreigners back on the next banana boat.
And there was also a recorded interview with the Dowager Duchess of Devonshire (She died yesterday). In the interview she was asked about Adolf Hitler; apparently she once met him. And here is another example of changing social attitudes. It wasn't that long ago when my grandmother wouldn't even allow the name to be mentioned; today people are fascinated by personal recollections about Hitler.

Whilst I was out I went and looked for a geocache before work; unlike earlier I found this one. And on finding it I also found a disused railway and what appeared to be a disused railway station in surprisingly good condition just down the track. I was about to go trespassing to investigate when I suddenly realised that far from being a disused railway station, it was actually someone's house. Woops!

I got to work; on arrival I found two blokes nearly coming to blows over their mobile phones. One was convinced he could tell what mobile network someone was on from the colour of the mobile phone. The other was convinced the first was a prat. Neither liked the other's attitude.
I did my bit at work, and today I had a proper lunch. Sandwiches and the like. I've had the last of my herbalife shakes, and much as they were tasty, they weren't very filling. We also got home made cakes in honour of an upcoming birthday too. Cake is always good. And then having caked myself out I waddled to the car park for the lunchtime sax session. I'm getting there with "Oh I do Like to be Beside the Seaside" but my "Teddy Bears' Picnic" has gone somewhat west.

And I'm afraid that the rest of the day was something of an anticlimax after I heard the news that the parents of Honey Boo Boo are getting a divorce.

24 September 2014 (Wednesday) - Home Grown Cucumbers

After a better night's sleep I watched "Revolution". In today's episode everyone kept their kit on; which was probably for the best. Mind you in this morning's show it was rather obvious that the leading bimbo was wearing make-up. Bearing in mind that the basic premise of the show is that they are living in a post-apocalyptic world with no electricity and in which modern society has collapsed, and that our heroes are on the run; where does she get a regular supply of slap and lippy?
"Furry Face TM" was hoping for toast; he was unlucky today. Mind you he did seem subdued this mornning. There was a dog barking down the street at 6am. We could both hear it, and for some reason the sound seemed to upset my dog. Perhaps he knew it was wrong and thought he might get the blame?

Off to work. The Prime Minister would seem to be "Mr Popular" at the moment on the radio's news; despite having had his private conversations spread all over the news he still seems to be riding high after the victory over the Scottish Independance-ists last week. Meanwhile Ed Milliband tried to be clever by giving a speech "off the cuff" and forgot to mention the most burning issues of the day.
Mind you, does anyone really have any interest in the antics of the Prime Minister and the Leader of tthe Opposition? To quote Hanna Toms (Labour's Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for Truro and Falmouth)
talking about the deficit "For most people, they don't understand what it [the deficit] is anyway" and in all honestly I think she might be right. not only about the deficit but on a much wider scale. I suspect few people have any real grasp of the country's political situation. Least of all the Prime Minister and the Leader of tthe Opposition.

I did my bit at work, and came home again. I took "Furry Face TM" round the park for a rather uneventful walk, and once home I struggled to get our old mattress into the back of my car. I've been trying to get rid of it for some time; we finally found someone who wanted a mattress, but had no transport. So I drove the thing to Arlington.
Whilst we were in the area we delivered birthday stuff to "My Boy TM" who will be twenty seven tomorrow, and then helped him eat turkey steaks and beef burgers and veg from his garden. Very tasty. Especially his home grown chili which gave me hiccups.

We were home rather later than expected; Dara O'Briain was spouting drivel on the telly, aand my dog was farting. Perhaps I should have stayed with "My Boy TM" and his various vegetables...

23 September 2014 (Tuesday) - In The Nip

I went to bed shortly after 11pm last night, slept until 2.25am, and then was awake for much of the night after that. I wish I knew why (despite the CPAP machine's best efforts) some nights I barely sleep.
I gave up trying to sleep and got up just before 5.30am. It was a tad chilly today; for the first time this year I turned the bathroom heater on.

I had my morning herbalife shake; I'd made it last night and popped it in the fridge because that supposedly makes it thicker. And as I guzzled it I watched another episode of "Revolution". It started well; I'm rather concerned that the program has now reached the point that its lost its way. For a team of die-hard desperadoes, the main protagonists seem to spend a lot of time on general irrelevant do-gooding. And the main bimbo was wandering around in the nip for no adequately explored reason. Generally a show is struggling when the leading lady flops them out.
Mind you a leading lady with *them* flopped out was far more entertaining than the interview with Stephen Fry which came on the telly next.

It was still cold as I drove to work; I had the heater blowing to warm me up. But I suppose it is technically the first day of autumn.
As I drove I listened to the news. I do that; sometimes I think I shouldn't. People continue to fight, squabble and cheat each other as they have done for thousands of years.
The Americans are picking yet another international fight.
Tesco would seem to have been somewhat dishonest in their practices.
And the English delegation to the UK Parliament is in uproar wanting what has been promised to the Scots. The fact that the Scots have a Parliament and the English don't might be an obstacle to this, but what do I know?

Mind you Emma Watson (of Harry Potter fame) is to have nudey photos of her plastered round the Internet so realistically the day wasn't such a bad one.
I suppose that the day's news, like episodes of "Revolution" has to resort to nudity when all else fails to grip the audience.

And so to work for another hungry day; these herbalife shakes aren't cutting the mustard for me. Perhaps I'm just greedy?
Mind you it's quicker to gulp a shake than it is to eat a sandwich, so I had a few minutes longer to practie my saxophone. Practice went well; I'm reasonably pleased with my "Tiddly-om-pom-pom"s now.
And I feel I should mention that the inestimable Soup Boy has had a haircut; he now looks like a Romulan. I think it suits him.

I came home to find "My Boy TM" ransacking the house. He thought I might have a spare woggle; he didn't realise that it's probably five (or more) years since I packed in being a cub leader.
I took "Furry Face TM" round the park. There's a fun fair setting up in Viccie Park.
We had tea, then set off to Folkestone where we went up the back passage, and had a glass of port. After insults were bandied and birthday cakes were scoffed I slept through an episode of "The 100". I now have absolutely no idea of what is going on in that show.... but in a blatent act of jumping on the bandwagon the leading actress got her kit off too...

22 September 2014 (Monday) - Hungry

This morning's brekkie was odd. Rather than the usual coffee and toast I had a "healthy and nutritious shake". A chap a work is selling herbalife stuff and I didn't have the heart to tell him I wasn't interested so I bought a three-day starrter pack. Thhe idea is I have a shake at brekkie time and another at mid day and I won't be hungry right through till the evening. Or that was what was promised...

With shake guzzled I then watched the next episode of "Revolution". The fit one croaked in today's show. Bearing in mind the amount of mindless violence that features in that program, if the show is to have any plausibility it was time that someone (who wasn't an extra) croaked.
There wasn't much on telly after "Revolution" finished. Bearing in mind I'm now on a healthy eating kick it seemed somewhat strange to find myself watching an infomercial for "nutribullet"; which seems to be a vastly overpriced food blender. "Nutribullet" was being flogged for just under a hundred quid; I found simular things on eBay for a quarter of the price.
The presenter of this informercial seemed incredibly enthusiastic about the product. I suppose she is paid to be. She looked familiar; five minutes on Google told me that she used to be the "Yes Car Credit Bimbo".

I then spent much of the rest of the day giggling. I wonder if many of my loyal readers remember "Yes Car Credit"? They were a company which offered loans to the lower orders; their target audience being the kind of person who would never usually get a loan. Their adverts featured various scratters asking if they could have extended credit, to which the "Yes Car Credit Bimbo" would answer "Yes you can". That was her only line, and she would repeat it like a stuck record.
As a catch-phrase it wasn't one that the company had thought through. At the time I found it rather amusing during the adverts to ask the telly various foul, perverted pornographic suggestions to which the "Yes Car Credit Bimbo" would invariably answer "Yes you can".
At the time I thought it hilarious. And (to be honest) I still do.

After a hungry morning I had my coookies and cream shake for lunch, had a sax practice, and then bought a flapjack as I was so hungry.
I came home and took "Furry Face TM" for a walk. We went out through Newtown and investigated the new footpath which opened last week. A geocache had been hidden down there over the weekend. Apparently. I couldn't find it.

I scoffed fish cake and chips (for tea) like a thing possessed, and with "er indoors TM" off bowling I solved three geo-puzzles then settled down in front of the telly. It doesn't watch itself.
And in closing have a look at this link. I'm going to be a published author. I'm feeling rather pleased about that.

21 September 2014 (Sunday) - Visiting Relatives

After a good night's sleep I was raring to go. No one else seemed raring, so I wasted an hour or so checking out Facebook and emails and the like. There wasn't really a lot going on in the world.
I had a mooch through my Facebook friends list. I saw I've been de-friended by someone with whom I thought I was on reasonably good terms. I wonder what I did to give offence there? In years gone by I *really* did try to be everyone's best buddy. Now I've come to conclude that this simply isn't possible. Oh well, one person don't like me... over four hundred people are still on the friends list.

We collected "My Boy TM" and his entourage and we set off to Hastings. First of all to visit various relatives. And with relatives visited we had a little picnic on the West Hill. It was a shame that passing dog-walkers didn't have the common sense (or decency) to drag their dogs away from the picnic. I honestly think that one epically fat dog-walker thought that we were there to feed her dog.
Despite scrounging dogs we enjoyed our picnic, and then whilst everyone else went into St Clements Caves I took "Furry Face TM" for a little walk (as dogs aren't allowed in the caves). Me and Fudge had a little geo-stroll. I must admit that I was disappointed to only find two out of five caches. One of the three I didn't get was broken, and two would seem (from the logs) to have been missing for some time. Perhaps I was being rather cynical when I whinged that it would seem that geo-maintenance isn't something that goes on much on the West Hill in Hastings.

With the caves visited I met up with those who had gone underground and we then had a quick five minutes in the play park. We might have given it longer, but the sky was black. So we visited more relatives, and I wound up my grand daughter.
Twenty seven plus nuffink equals nine. Lacey didn't agree, and tried it on her caclulator. She got a different result to me, but I used my brain to think (ouch!) and so I am confident that twenty seven plus nuffink equals nine.

Once home "er indoors TM" set off bowling. I treated myself to KFC, watched another episode of "Revolution" and realised the spell-checker in OpenOffice would seem to have died. Apologies if this doesn't read quite as well as it might do. I then organised a provisional geo-stroll for next Sunday; if any of my loyal readers fancy hunting tupperware and haven't seen the event advertised elsewhere, drop me a line for details.

20 September 2014 (Saturday) - Geo-Meet

Last night I felt *really* tired and had an early night; I was asleep shortly after 9pm. Consequently I was awake and watching "Revolution" at 4am. The chap who was the baddie in "The Tomorrow People" has now appeared in the show; he's a baddie again.
I went back to my pit and dozed fitfully until 8am when I then took "Furry Face TM" round the block for a walk. As we walked we upset a cyclist, he glared at me because my dog was in his way on the footpath. Cyclists boil my piss. There are cycle paths all round Ashford which have been built for them at considerable expense. Do they use them? Of course not. They would rather cycle down pavements expecting pedestrians to get into the roads to get out of their way, or cycle down the middle of the road (at 10mph) thinking that they are a car.

We came home, and after a little fiddling about I took "Furry Face TM" to the vets for his annual M.O.T, We were a little late getting in as they'd had two emergencies, but bearing in mind that "Furry Face TM" himself has had such an emergency I didn't complain. Once in with the vet he had his heart and lungs checked, his dew claws clipped, his bum done (oo-er!! - it's a dog thing) and his booster shot given. There's no denying he wasn't keen on the vets, but you can't really blame him.

And having had fingers up (some of our) bums we set off to Sevenoaks for the monthly cacher's meet-up... What can I say? For those who don't relish hunting tupperware in the forest it must sound really lame. But for myself I had a wonderful time. There were stalls selling geo-things. I got to meet up with dozens of like-minded people. I had far too much to drink. And having had far too much to drink, a dozen (or so) of us set off to a nearby wood where we sought (and found) a dozen geocaches over a short stroll of a couple of miles.
The smaller ones among us enjoyed taking "Furry Face TM" 's lead. Me and "er indoors TM" were glad for the smaller ones taking "Furry Face TM" 's lead (so everyone was happy). I must admit I missed not having my saxophone lesson today; but the monthly geo-meet-up has become something of a highlight in my calendar.

After such a good day spending the evening ironing shirts came as something of an anticlimax...

19 September 2014 (Friday) - Oh So Dull

After a good night's sleep I woke to remember some silly little tweak I wanted to put into my latest Wheri-project, and so I was on-line shortly before 6am. Over brekkie I watched episode 2 of "Revolution". I quite like it so far; but (like all telly these days) does it *really* need the brutality and violence? A good plot works well without that.
I then had a quick check of email and social media. Not that much of note had happened in my world overnight.

To work; the radio had news from the wider world. The Scots have rejected the calls for Scottish independence. I am pleased that this is all over. Democracy has spoken; the nationalists have lost. And one really has to respect the Scottish First Minister who has had the good grace to resign following his defeat.
There was absolutely nothing else on the news at all....

I did my bit at work; I practiced my sax. A colleague who heard me identified (not guessed) the tune I was murdering.
I came home again and walked "Furry Face TM" round the block.

And in closing... did you know that today is national "Talk like a Pirate Day". It was once quite a big event; it's mostly died a death these days. Which is something of a shame. It might have livened up an otherwise dull day.

18 September 2014 (Thursday) - Telly, Wherigo

Over brekkie I watched the first episode of “Revolution”. It was among the freebies on the SkyPlus box; I’d heard good reports about the show. This first episode seemed OK; mind you I’ve always liked post-apocalyptic fiction. One of the leading actresses seemed familiar. I thought I’d seen her on “Star Trek”; she’d actually been on “Lost”. Either way... I would (!)

I then took "Furry Face TM" round the park to test out Wherigo Mk II. It worked well; completely according to plan. Whilst we were out we met another “plum”. What is it with me? - Do I have an idiot magnet? Sometimes it seems so. This bloke was walking his dog. I say “dog”; the animal was at least three-quarters rhinoceros. I suppose I have seen chunkier animals; just not chunkier dogs. It wasn't especially big, or fat, just epically chunky. The dog's owner started shrieking when Fudge and the "rhino" approached each other. He had fits when they started playing nicely. I *really* couldn't see what his problem was, so I smiled sweetly and left him to his hysteria.

Once home I did the geo-admin for my new Wherigo, and then I set off to work. Over brekkie I had noticed that a new geocache had gone live on my way to work. I didn't fancy setting off to work four hours early, and I had thought I might pick it up on my way in to work. So I went to work via Challock, and after a little walk I was rather surprised to find that no one else had already been for this cache yet. I was First to Find. Happy dance.
I would have done a little Ingressing in Challock had there been any EE Internet signal. Yet again "Everything Everywhere" is demonstrably "Nothing In Most Places". I really should complain again

As it was on my way I popped in to the pet shop. "Furry Face TM" is getting very fussy about what he will and will not eat, so I've bought some different dog foods. I've found that if I mix two foods he doesn't like, he often scoffs them up in combination.
Mind you for a dog which doesn't eat very much he is becoming remarkably rotund.
I also checked on a geocache I'd hidden by the pet shop some time ago. I'd had a few messages to say the thing needed a little attention. I had a look-see. It seemed fine to me.

Work was work, and at lunch time I blasted away in the works car park on my saxophone. I didn't realise that a colleague has mucking about in her car nearby. After lunch break she was rather complementary, and actually identified the tunes I had been strangling. I was quite pleased about that...

17 September 2014 (Wednesday) - A New Ball

I had a rather good night's sleep, and over brekkie I watched Kate Winslett in "Extras" giving advice on phone sex. A rather odd show for 6.30am.
Apart from someone trying to email me a virus there was little of note on the Internet, and I set off to work on a rather dismal morning. The news was all of Scottish independence; the vote is tomorrow and the pundits feel that the result is too close to call. I find myself in an odd position on the matter. I can't pretend to like the Scots; for many years they have collectively boiled my piss. I live in Kent. All the Scots I encounter are so fiercely patriotic and all vehemently hate the English... so why are they all living in Kent?
However common sense and history both tell us that politically we are better off together than separate.
And (come to that) why do so many Kentish-born-and-bred types all claim to have some vague Scottish heritage which should make them eligible to vote in the independence election? If Scotland truly is so wonderful and people really do feel so strongly for their homeland, why not go and live up there?

The leaders of the "Yes" and "No" campaigns were interviewed live on air this morning. The leader of the "Better Together" campaign was erudite, and answered questions honestly and candidly. I felt he was a tad smarmy, but he made his case well. The leading exponent of the independence movement, the Scottish First Minister, was (I felt) rather evasive. In fact he spoke rubbish. Having been told that an independent Scotland would need its own currency he still intends to use the pound. Having been told an independent Scotland would not automatically be a part of the European union he insisted it would be. I found myself wondering if black could be white if he said so.

Who will win? Time will tell.

I stopped off for petrol at Morrisons which is still cheaper than Ashford's cut-price fuel station, and which still has trouble accepting my credit card. That machine has been on the blink for three years; you would think they'd have got it fixed by now.

I got to work, did my bit, and sulked a little as I could have spent the day fishing with the first fruit of my loins today. It's probably over a year since I last went fishing. Instead I consoled myself with saxophone practice at lunchtime. Today's tootle went reasonably well. As I played away in the car park I was approached by a managerial-type who told me that she thought that it was good that I played my saxophone in the staff car park at lunch time rather than wasting my time in a non-constructive manner. I smiled politely and waited for her to go away before I continued.

Once home I took "Furry Face TM" out to play with his new ball. He *really* doesn't get it; I threw the ball; he chased it, picked it up and carried it for the rest of the walk. He refused to let me have the thing to throw it for him again. Silly pup.
Whilst we were out I saw that the railings were still blocking my Wheri-plan (it's a geocaching thing) so I hunted out a new cache hide for my Wheri-project. And I found one too. We came home and I did some hasty re-programming and uploading. I shall field-test the 1.1 version tomorrow morning and then hopefully spring the thing on an unsuspecting public...