6 July 2017 (Thursday) - Finding Sleepers

We had some sad news last night. Batty’s mother Pru died yesterday evening. Pru was a wonderful person; always happy to see us; always cooking up wonderful dinners. She got taken to hospital yesterday evening and died of kidney failure shortly after.
Such a shame… but it comes to us all.

I slept reasonably well. It would be nice if "er indoors TM" didn’t fight with the puppy quite so much, but the fault there must lie with the puppy.
As I made my morning toast I rescued the remains of "er indoors TM"’s slipper from the puppy. The slipper was destroyed beyond redemption. I really should get myself some new slippers too; she’s chewed the heels of my current pair so that they don’t stay on my feet,.

Over brekkie I sparked up my lap-top to see what I’d missed in the virtual world overnight. I had an email to confirm I’d started my passport renewal process on-line. The family is utterly convinced I need a new passport, so I’ve applied for one using the on-line process from my lap-top; I wonder how it will pan out.
I also had yet another email from LinkedIn updating me about people I don’t know.
And then my piss boiled.
I got so cross when I read Facebook this morning. One nutter was selling “alkaline water”. Basically “alkaline water” is bleach. Idiots drink bleach to counteract “unnatural stomach acid”; “unnatural stomach acid” baing the acid that is naturally in your stomach. And then I saw a status update: “There will a Past life regression workshop on Saturday 15th July with our Hypnotherapist David Finch at The Total Wellbeing Centre Pontypool from 11.30-2pm. £10 per person. Booking Essential”.
Neither of these were jokes or wind-ups. People actually believe this rubbish and pay good money for it. And they are allowed to vote and do jury service too.

"er indoors TM" weighed the dogs. Fudge has lost a tenth of a kilogram, and both dogs are now the same weight. I walked the dogs round the park; Fudge kept up with us for most of the way. He flew like a bullet from a gun to climb on to the back of our Irish friend's dog. I'm sure he straggles because he wants to rather than because he has to.

Once home I had a poop-patrol of the garden, settled the dogs and went on a little mission. It seemed daft building a new pergola on a ten-year-old base. So i thought new sleepers might be in order. B&Q had none. Wickes had none but said their Maidstone branch had thirty-five of the size I wanted. However it wasn't in the easiest of places to get to.
I thought I might try Boxley Timber as Google suggested it. It was a shame that Google was talking out of its USB port; Boxley Timber let me down. So Maidstone Wickes it was. I went round Maidstone's one-way system twice before I got into the right lane. I got to Wickes, went up to the counter and waited. And waited. A couple of members of staff looked me in the eye and contemptuously walked away. Had the sleepers been available anywhere else in Kent I would have gone there. But Wickes in Maidstone had me over a barrel. Eventually a member of staff told me where the sleepers were, and another member of staff watched me struggle to get the sleepers onto a trolley.
I then asked one of the members of staff (note I don't call them "assistants") about drill bits. It was clear this woman had never heard of drill bits. She fetched Brian who didn't know his chuck from his rotary. In the end I told Brian that I would have the drill bits that he was brandishing, and if they were wrong I would go to B&Q.
The irony was wasted on him.
I then struggled to get the sleepers into the car (as the Wickes staff watched).

I deserved some McLunch after all that. Aylesford McDonalds was only five minutes away. Chicken strips, Galaxy McFlurry and a strawberry milkshake made for a good lunch. And with a couple of minutes spare I had a look round the cheapo-bargain shop next door to McDonalds. They had vanilla coca-coal for sale.
Have you ever tried vanilla coca-cola? It is bloody awful.

And so to work for the late shift. I'd done a complete day's work by the time I got there...

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