Leaving a Comment...?

Do you disagree with anything in any of the blog entries? Am I factually wrong or just talking plain rubbish? Have I boiled your piss? 

If this is the case, please tell me so.

All blog entries come with a right to reply. If you want to leave a comment, it’s quite straightforward. Below each blog entry is a line which starts... “Posted by Manky Badger at…”.  Find that line and proceed thus:

  • Click on the word “comment”. The comment box will appear. (Give it a few seconds)
  • Type in what you want to say
  • Click on the drop-down menu where it says “comment as”. You can comment using various on-line agencies such as your Google account, OpenID.
  • Click on “Post Comment” and a verification line appears. Type the word you see into the box and click on “Post Comment”.
  • Once I’ve checked you’re not trying to sell anything I’ll add your comment.
I've disabled the option to post comments anonymously purely to cut down on the amount of spam I've been getting.
I would ask that if anyone wishes to post to disagree with me, or to complain about what I’ve written, would they please be constructive in their criticism, and would they have the courage to put their name (or alias) to what they have to say. Over the years I’ve been told off about what I’ve written several times, and the nastiest comments were always given anonymously:

  • “…Hitler had a similar idea”
  • “…You make me want to vomit”
  • “…I just want to slap your face”

After all, when you tell me that you “just want to slap my face”, it’s the work of two minutes for me to find out that whoever wrote that rather cowardly comment was in the Chicago area using Internet Explorer 7 on Windows Vista with a broadband connection supplied by Cricket Communications. 

Similarly I cannot have any respect for anyone who tells me that “I will not be reading your blogs anymore” and then logs in (nearly) every day for the next four years.

PLEASE have the courage to put your name to what you post. I don’t set out to be deliberately offensive, and I do report the IP addresses of threatening comments to Internet Service Providers.