31 May 2009 (Sunday) - Pods and Ponds

It was warm this morning. Too warm to sleep, so I was up and about at 8am. A bit of toast for brekkie and as I checked my emails, I saw a fellow blogger had relocated because of Yahoo 360’s closure. He’s chosen to go with blogger.com, and so have I.
A quick pootle around the garden pulling out stuff growing through membranes to stop stuff growing through, and then Courtney arrived to feed the fish.
Someone has to. She’d brought her mum and “My Boy“ with her. Whilst the girls got on with fish feeding, me and Dan had work to do. First of all, seeing how the camping season is nearly upon us, I needed to put the pod back on to my car. An easy enough job, but one that needs someone else to help you. The pod isn’t heavy, but it’s very awkward.
Once that was done, the next job was to make the pond bird-friendly. As I’ve mentioned before we’ve had too many of our feathered friends drowning lately. Last Friday, whilst trying to purchase specialist literature to sent in to the chokey, “Daddies Little Angel” had helped me chose a new waterfall for the pond. One with plastic that’s not so smooth. Again, it’s a job that really needs two people. I could have done this one on my own, but what would have taken me an hour on my tod, with “My Boy“ helping we were done in ten minutes. If you look closely in the photo, you’ll see a bird has used it without falling in.

Courtney had a visitor coming, so she set off for home, and took her entourage with her. There were one or two gaps around the new waterfall, so we set off to Bybrook Barn to get some rocks. They didn’t have any, so against my better judgement we went on to WyeVale, where they were hawking their loyalty card. The “nice lady” in the queue in front of me was having trouble filling in her application for a loyalty card. She didn’t know what her title was. Even when prompted “Miss, Mrs or Ms” she still had to think about it. I really shouldn’t go shopping there – it just annoys me.
And so home. Whilst ‘er indoors and “Daddies Little Angel" went shopping, I mowed the lawn, strimmed the edges, and glued Dave the Heron back on to his stand. And then I noticed the fish poo filter was leaking. It probably didn’t like having been moved around earlier. And so I then spent an hour cleaning out the fish poo.
I’m now worn out, but the garden looks good for it. I’m a great believer in a low-maintenance garden…

31 May 2009 (Sunday) - Testing, Testing

Since Yahoo 360 are closing down, I need a new home - let's see how this pans out. The old blog ran to a thousand entries, and I'm NOT going to copy the lot over. They are available through my Yahoo profile profile, which you can see here, or through my blog backup which is available here. I can post pictures into the body of the text like this:

which is better than Yahoo 360 because I can then refer to another picture later on, should the narrative lend itsself to my doing so.

Probably not the best picture in the world, but it proves a point. Now I'll press "Upload" and see if it works.

I lke it, but I think the text is a tad small - what do you think?