2 March 2021 (Tuesday) - A Day Off

I slept well with no alarm set. I had (another) day off today. The plan had been to have the day off for a dental appointment, but last week the surgery cancelled the appointment. I took the day off anyway.

The day started with a minor result in that as I made toast so Sid came bumbling past me in the direction of the back door. I opened the door for him – he went outside for his morning rake-out. That was *such* a result. Let’s hope it is the way forward.

I then peered into the Internet to see if much had changed overnight. I was amazed to read some of the posts from people whose children will be starting secondary school in September. Quite a few people weren’t happy because their child is not capable of taking a bus to school. Others felt the car drive to secondary school every day would be excessive… I walked a three-mile journey to secondary school every day when I was a lad. Admittedly I would get the bus home… but  most kids walked or took the bus back then. Very few were chauffer-driven to school.

I’m reminded of some of the parents of cub scouts who used to bemoan how hyperactive their children were but would only ever let the child out of the house for school or cubs. I used to roam for miles when I was primary school age. I’m told that the streets aren’t safe these days. Are there *really*  perverts, child molesters and rapists behind every bush? I saw a few back in the day in Hastings but nowadays the streets are far safer for children as all the weirdoes can get their kicks from the Internet.

I also had an email from the ombudsman about my ongoing issue with the power company to say they had received my email… Well, actually I had an email to say I had a message. I then had to call up their website, log in, find the messages section and then I saw the  message which said they had received my email. Too much unnecessary farting about, maybe?

And LinkedIn asked me if I might like to congratulate someone I used to know on their new job. This person is now senior chief whatever at the Department of Farting About, and is earning far more than me. But I was once a manager too. I might not get as much money now I’m no longer a manager, but I am far happier.


I drove down to Hastings to check in on my dad. It’s now two weeks since mum died. He seems to be managing well. I arrived to find him painting the inside of the under-stairs cupboard. We had a cuppa and put the world to rights, and I came home via Northiam.

Having seen Gardoo’s web site I thought I’d have a look at their garden sleepers. I arrived at their office… and that was it. An office. Bearing in mind their website offers “click and collect” I was expecting they would have some stock to look at. The chap behind the counter (rather rudely) told me theirs was an on-line business. I asked about the “click and collect”; the bloke repeated that they were an on-line business. I didn’t *actually* tell him to stick his on-line business up his arse.

I suspect they get their stock from the branch of Jewson which is next door to them, and sell it on at a profit.

I then went on to Wickes. They had pretty much nothing at all in their timber section. I asked the nice man there if they were getting a delivery soon. He laughed and said they’d just had one. Apparently everyone is starting their garden projects early this year. 

er indoors TM” and I took the dogs round to the co-op field for a little walk, then I drove round to collect “My Boy TM”. We had planned to get the timber for our garden projects on a mutual day off in a couple of weeks’ time. But bearing in mind what the nice man in Wickes had said we thought we’d get our shopping done before everyone else got it.

We went to B&Q and got my decking planks that I am going to use as lawn edging, and got decking for “My Boy TM”’s plan. We needed more stuff too, but bearing in mind that we’d already got a car full we loaded up the car, took our wood home, and then went back for the rest of what “My Boy TM” needed. In the forty-five minutes it had taken us to load the car, take stuff home and go back, the outdoor timber section of B&Q had done a roaring trade. There was enough stuff left for what we needed, but I doubt there would have been much left by the time they closed.

I came home and thought about making a start on my garden project. The first thing I need to do is to paint the planks I got today. I decided against starting that just yet and wrote up some CPD instead.

er indoors TM” then boiled up a particularly good chicken curry which we swilled down with some red wine. Usually after that we’d have cheese which I would share with the dogs, but bearing in mind that cheese is particularly bad for them, cheese is now on the “banned” list.

I tried to explain to the dogs, but they weren’t happy with the arrangement…

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