18 March 2021 (Thursday) - To Whelan's

Sid was quiet in the night, but Fudge woke me whimpering at half past six. I helped him off the bed and he ran downstairs having something of a “potty emergency”.


I watched an episode of “Superstore” then on seeing that my phone was still not working I spent a very frustrating half an hour trying to contact Sky. Looking back I wonder if I made a mistake going with Sky. They are fine all the time things work. But  when there are issues they are utterly uncontactable. Websites about contact numbers just take you round and round in circles through the same unhelpful help pages. They seem to have made a corporate decision that all their help will be via help pages and that they don’t want you talking to them.

Eventually er indoors TM” hit on the idea of phoning the “we’re leaving you” number. It was a shame that they were closed. They opened at half past eight. I eventually got through to someone who was actually rather helpful. After a little messing about the chap suggested he send out a new sim card and wondered if I would like a new phone. They had a rather good offer and bearing in mind my current phone is five years old and has (quite possibly) had it I thought that maybe a new phone might be a plan. If all else fails I can phone the same number I phoned this morning. In theory the new phone should arrive tomorrow. I wonder if the new sim card will too? 

I drove round to collect “My Boy TM”. We both wanted to get stuff from Whelan’s. Their garden ornaments are rather good, rather cheap (compared to other places) and rather heavy. Today was the only day we could both be able to help each other.
We went via McDonalds in Bobbing where (once we’d got our McBrekkie) we had to sit in the car to scoff it. I scoffed McBrekkie; “My Boy TM” fed much of his to the sparrows. It was quite fun watching them.

We got to Whelan’s. The first fruit of my loin got a rather impressive tea light holder, a totem pole and some paving slabs. I got some ornaments, a badger family, a little something to cover up the bit where I bodged the garden edging the other day, and a hedgehog. I had this inkling that Karl and Tracey might like the hedgehog, and as we were almost going past their house on the way home I thought we might drop it off. My plan was to quietly park up and using ninja-like stealth I would pop the hedgehog on their lawn and slip away like a shadow leaving them wondering where the hedgehog came from.
I think it fair to say that my ninja-like stealth needs some work. I got caught red-handed.

We came home where we unloaded all of my bits into my garden, then took the surplus garden edging planks and “My Boy TM”’s stuff round to his place. Perhaps we might have pushed the lock-down rules a tad today, but those garden ornaments were on the heavy side. I would certainly have struggled on my own. 

I came home via B&Q where I got some stuff to affect a bodge to not-so-nice-next-door’s shed. Yesterday I’d noticed that the fence panel laying on their shed had all but rotted away, and when I gave it an experimental prod it collapsed exposing a rather knackered door laying up the side of their shed. “My Boy TM” gave that door a prod as we unloaded today, and that door collapsed too. There was another rotten door laying sideways behind that which looks as though it might stand up to a fart being passed in the general vicinity… but only just. However that rather flimsy rotting door concealed a hole in the side of the shed big enough for me to climb through.

I cleared up most of the collapsed rotten wood and bodged a fence panel into place. It will hold the last remnants of sideways door in place for a little while. I can’t really fix it any better without hammering some sort of sheet into place over the hole, but I don’t dare hammer anything into their shed without her say-so.When I next see not-so-nice-next-door I shall ask her if she wants me to repair the shed. I wonder if she will answer me. 

With the hole in the shed bodged I painted up the frog ornament who is going to hide my plank-measuring mishap, and then took the dogs round to the co-op field for a little walk. I had planned to then carry on in the garden, but (yet again) rain stopped play.


Using the Netflix bit of our new Sky-Q box I watched a film. “Juliet Naked” was a British film, much of which was filmed in Thanet. I recognised quite a few places that I’ve been to. I do like that in a film. However familiarity with the location didn’t really help to prop up a rather predicable plot which has been done to death many time before in other (and frankly better) films.


We’ve updated the software on the Sky-Q box. According to the instructions this would allow us to watch Amazon Prime stuff through the thing.

It didn’t work…

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