13 March 2021 (Saturday) - Lazy Day

Sid started barking at half past six this morning. Most people wouldn’t have been impressed; bearing in mind the last week’s wake-up calls, I saw that as something of a result. Doubly so when I came downstairs to find the place was turd-free. I chivvied him outside, made some brekkie (as best I could with the new toaster) and watched a couple of episodes of “Superstore” before seeing what the Internet was up to. Pretty much nothing at all had happened on Facebook overnight. There was not a single squabble to be seen so I played Candy Crush for a while.

I popped up the road to fetch the car, then er indoors TM” and I (and a boot full of dogs) drove out to Wittersham. er indoors TM” had an errand to run there. As she ran her errand I waited with the dogs and tried not to start at the teenage girls walking past, Were they *really* walking the streets in they pyjamas?

The original plan had been to then drive on and walk the dogs along the military canal for a bit, but the wind was picking up. So instead we drove up to Appledore and had a little walk round Park Wood. Six years ago (8 May 2015) I walked round the woods with a load of friends and remembered it being a good place for a short stroll, so we had a look. There’s no denying it was on the muddy side, but the dogs liked the chance to have a run.

I took a few photos as we walked.


We came home. er indoors TM” set about scrubbing the dogs whilst I put the new bulb into the fish pond filter, then cleaned out the filter. Oh, it was rank. When I turned the filter off last Autumn I made the schoolboy error of not cleaning the thing out then, but leaving it to fester.

With filter scrubbed I reactivated the filter. I’m not sure the bulb is working – I shall have a look later. It is easier to see after dark. I did think about carrying on with the garden edges, but realistically even the preparation would have taken an hour or so and (quite frankly) I couldn’t be bothered.


I found myself falling asleep in front of the telly, and dozed until er indoors TM” boiled up some scran. I then had a minor disaster in which I managed to destroy a glass or two whilst getting a glass from the cupboard. Realistically we probably have between three and four times the number of glasses that we actually need.

Having salvaged one glass I poured out a pint of McEwan’s Champion (7.3% abv) and tuned in to the family Zoom bash. A game of Blankety-Blank and three rounds of bingo. Not a bad way to spend the evening…

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