20 March 2021 (Saturday) - Driving Planks of Wood About

After the exertions of heaving stuff round the garden yesterday, the excitement of the new phone and a bottle of red wine it is hardly surprising that I slept like a log.


I tried to make some toast, and as I scoffed warm bread for brekkie I peered into the Internet. Not a lot was happening. The (so-called) “Purely 70s” Facebook group was filled with people saying “Good Morning” as it is every morning. That is an odd group – there is very rarely any mention of fifty years ago (which is the group’s subject) but there is a lot of “Good Morning” every day.

There was a mild squabble (but only a mild one) simmering on one of the Sparks Facebook fan pages. Some chap had given a review of the album “Whomp That Sucker” and it came as something of a revelation to him that this album is now forty years old. He seemed surprised to find himself corrected by people who had bought the album (and listened to it many times) long before he was born.

I then played “Candy Crush” until I got bored with it.


I took the dogs for a little walk round the co-op field where there was a little episode. My three hounds got into a little squabble with another bigger dog. I blew the whistle and they all came running back to me. As is the case when I blow the whistle, they get a treat (that’s how the whistle works - as Pavlov worked out over a hundred years ago). Seeing my three were getting a treat, the idiot woman with the other dog marched her dog up to us in the hope he too would get a treat.


We came home. After a little to-ing and fro-ing I got through to Sky on the phone and got them to remove the Sky Kids bit from my TV package. Apparently I got the Kids package when we first got Sky TV twenty-odd years ago, and I’ve never thought to remove it in the meantime. That will pay for half the extra cost of my new mobile.

I tried to speak to the dog insurance people about the claim for Fudge’s ongoing expenses, and also to the house contents insurance people about the new phone, but both of them only work Monday to Friday, and only nine till five on those days. Can you believe it? 

I then popped round to help My Boy TM”; he was completing the end of his garden project but needed some more planking from B&Q. Having the longest car in the family it usually falls to me to transport the long stuff about. And whilst I was at it, I helped with some of the heavy lifting in his garden.

He’s put up a little platform using decking planks. That’s given me an idea for sorting out the frankly dreadful area by the shed in our garden…

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