8 March 2021 (Monday) - Very Tired

A combination of a night shift, an afternoon working in the garden and a bottle of plonk meant that I slept like a log this morning.

As I scoffed my toast I peered into the Internet. Last night’s broadcast of the interview of Prince Harry and Megan Markle by Oprah Winfrey had gone ahead. It was big news today, but will be lining the cat’s littler tray next week. This is just the latest tribulation that the Royals have had. The death of Princess Diana, Sarah Ferguson, Princess Margaret’s lifestyle, the Abdication crisis… The Royals will weather the storm as they always do.

It would seem that in today’s scandal Ms Markle had an endless stream of gripes and whinges that the media were trying to blow out of all proportion. It strikes me that Ms Markle hasn’t a clue about how the Royal Family operate, but has seen Hollywood celebrities on the telly, and so was copying what Hollywood celebrities do. And consequently in a few years’ time she (and Harry) will be forgotten, and the Royal Family will be carrying on as they have always done. Perhaps had she been coached in being a Royal, things might have been different, but I suspect she didn’t want to be a Royal; she wanted to be a celebrity.


I had planned to take the dogs out immediately after brekkie, but it was too cold. Fudge came in shivering after having had a tiddle, so I postponed the walk until later and got on in the garden. I straightened out a curved edge, scraped back the gravel, got more wooden edges in, put the gravel back and generally tidied up. That only took three hours. It would have taken less had I cut the right length of wood; I made a stuff-up of subtracting forty from two hundred and ten. Using my degree in mathematics (I’ve actually got one!) I made the answer one hundred and ninety. Woops. Oh well… It didn’t take that long to saw off another twenty centimetres of plank.

I then popped round to B&Q to get eight more planks, some turf and other stuff. Getting those new planks from B&Q’s stockpile to my back garden took the best part of an hour. And as for laying the turf… fortunately I found my garden scissors so I could cut the thing to the required shape, but it took some doing.


It was at this point that I thought I’d take a break. It had warmed up quite a bit so I took the dogs out to Great Chart. This morning I’d had five reports that two of my geocaches along that path were missing. One was clearly and obviously visible from ten yards away. The other was missing; in retrospect I should really have taken a spare out with me. Oh well… I shall replace it on our next walk out there.


We came home. As the dogs jumped out of the boot I noticed how clean it was. When they’d jumped in there was quite a bit of soil that had fallen off of the turf. As they jumped out there was none. Where did that all go?


er indoors TM” boiled up bacon sandwiches, then I got a coat of paint (ronseal) onto the timber planks. I had intended to then start picking up the shingle from my biggest water feature as a prelude to sorting out the chicken wire later in the week. But it was getting cold, and I was fast losing the ability to move. After six hours of effort I was all-in.

Mind you between yesterday and today I’ve got a lot done. I created  a little album of photos which you can see by clicking here. Over the next week or so I hope to do the same to the other half of the garden.

 I really ache now… I shall be going to work tomorrow for a rest.

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