15 March 2021 (Monday) - Sky Q

I slept like a log last night, and once I’d cleared Sid’s turds and made (floppy) toast I watched an episode of “Superstore”. Overnight the Internet had come back to life. It had packed up yesterday evening and having no Internet is a pain when pretty much everything on the telly is streamed.

I had used my mobile data to access Sky’s trouble-finding website which assured me there was no issues with their broadband even though it wasn’t working. This morning several people had mentioned issues with Sky’s internet connection which leave me wondering if they don’t know when their network has gone belly-up, or if they were lying about it.

I had an email this morning from the chap who is doing mum’s funeral this week. I shall think of a few things to send to him… and I shall find the contact details of the local Catholic  bishop and suggest he has his priests also do some research before conducting funerals. The last two Catholic funerals I attended (father-in-law and brother-in-law) were rather embarrassing in that the priest running the show got so many family details wrong.


The nice man from Sky phoned – he was delivering the Sky-Q box. He outside but couldn’t park his van. Part of me wanted to tell him to take the Sky-Q box back to the shop as over the weekend we’d been bombarded with texts and emails saying that he would deliver the thing and shout instructions though the window on how to set it all up. We’d already cancelled them two months ago as I wasn’t prepared to do this. Telling us that the chap was not allowed in the house with only two days’ notice wasn’t very impressive. But er indoors TM” said she didn’t mind doing it.

I got the dogs onto their leads and drove them out to Great Chart thereby creating a parking space for the Sky man, and left him and er indoors TM” to it.


I took the dogs out to Great Chart where we walked up to the river and back. The last time I was there I checked up on two on my geocaches. One was fine; the other one was missing. This morning I saw the supposedly missing one was hanging from a bush in plain sight (exactly where I’d put the thing last year).

Just as I got back to the car so er indoors TM” sent a text. The Sky-Q was all done; the nice man *had* come into the house and set it all up himself.


I came home, unloaded the dogs, and drove round to the paving shop by the tip where I got six bags of Scottish pebbles, and then came home and carried on finishing off the lawn edging. After two hours of (back-breaking) effort I’d got most of the edging project done, but the sky was looking black. Bearing in mind the garden edging project was something to keep me out of mischief for this week’s holiday, and also bearing in mind I’ve done most of the hard work already, at that point I gave up in the garden for today. Instead I set about ironing shirts and trousers. 

er indoors TM” sorted a rather good bit of dinner which we scoffed whilst watching stuff downloaded onto the Sky-Q box. We can run Netflix and Amazon all through that thing. Supposedly. The Amazon don’t work but will come with the next software update… or so it says on the Internet.

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