25 March 2021 (Thursday) - Back To The Garden

What with COVID jabs and the stresses of the funeral yesterday I slept well. I would have slept better had er indoors TM  not been fighting with one of the dogs for much of the night, and had another dog (Treacle?) not tried to make herself comfortable on my head in the small hours.

I warmed up some bread.in what passes for a toaster in our house, then peered into the internet as I scoffed it. Not much had changed overnight. Nothing had. In fact all that had happened was that I got an email from the Geocaching Association of Great Britain telling me about their latest newsletter. Their newsletter had a link to click if I was interested in becoming a “Friend of the GAGB”. I asked to become a “Friend of the GAGB” about eighteen months ago and had heard nothing so I clicked the link and was told: “To become a GAGB Friend, please contact friends@gagb.org.uk OR simply join the Facebook group. It's that easy!” So, as I have suspected for years, the (so-called) Geocaching Association of Great Britain really is nothing but yet another Facebook group.


I took the dogs for a little walk up to the co-op field. As we walked up the road we saw a chap with two dogs (that we see from time to time) getting into his car. We smiled pleasantly as we do, went to the co-op field, and as we were three-quarters of the way round we saw that chap and his two dogs coming round the other way. As we walked home we walked past his car at the end of the path to the co-op field. This chap had driven his dogs a distance of (at most) two hundred yards.


With walk walked I popped round to B&Q. The fence between our garden and not-so-nice-next-door is poggered (to say the least). There is one panel by our backdoor which is bowing in and really needs attention. I thought I’d bodge it today. I got a trellis and a couple of battens and spent five minutes trying to get them into my car. After five minutes I gave up, carried the trellis home, then went back for my car.

Oh, how I laughed.


And then it was relatively easy. I sawed the battens to length, drilled pilot holes, went back to B&Q because the drill bit snapped, screwed the fence back together as best I could, screwed the trellis in place, painted the lot. That took less than a  minute to type, and just under three hours to do.

With fence sorted I then painted up two garden boxes I made a few years ago out of some off-cuts of wood. It was a shame that the bottom had rotted out of them, but such is life. And then I emptied out the two garden lock-ups, dragged them forward, painted the fence behind them, put them back, and sorted the tat which is kept in those lock-ups. I’ve (sort-of) sorted the lock-ups into one for stuff we use (chairs, tables, etc) and one for stuff we don’t (kites, tents, etc) It would seem we’ve lost one of the steering bars to the kite-buggy. I wonder where that went?

I then had a little sort out of the stuff that I’ve stuffed down the side of the shed, and bodged a broken fence post (one of not-so-nice-next-door’s) in place with a very heavy tub of soil. My long term plan for that fence post was to bodge it in place with a huge potted plant. Let’s see if a pot full of soil does the trick.


At this point I thought it best to stop whilst I could still move. I was rather pleased with progress. So far the second phase of this year’s garden project is going to plan. I have a theory that everyone’s garden has a “frankly dreadful bit” where you stash the broken lawnmowers and dead potted plants and stuff you are going to take to the tip. Many people get to hide theirs, but unfortunately our “frankly dreadful bit” starts at the back door. I have a plan to push ours back and restrict it to a very small section of dreadfulness down the side of the shed where no one sees it, but it is taking some doing.


I came in, made a cuppa and phoned the vet insurance people, They *still* claim to have received nothing from the vet. The vet assured me they emailed it all up a week ago, and they said they would email it all again.

As I fumed I had a look at my monthly accounts. They could be a lot worse; I really shouldn’t grumble. I just need to stop spending money on dog and garden.


I ache – I might have overdone it today…

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