5 September 2012 (Wednesday) - A Walk

Up perhaps earlier than I might have been, and over a spot of brekkie I tried to do some on-line surveys. I get cross with these surveys. For all that it can be easy money, it can be frustrating to waste ten minutes before being told I'm not the kind of guy they want.
I then wandered into town to pay some cash into the astro club;s account. No one told me that the bank opens half an hour later on Wednesdays. So with a spare half hour I thought I'd go look for the latest geocache in town. It was in one of the parks, mid way between the drunken tramp (who'd just pissed himself) and the young couple having al-fresco sex. What a delightful park we have. I went back to the bank and queued up.

I did my banking and popped round to Matt to talk about geocompasses and multi-caches. Matt suggested we tried out his geocompass on the cache I'd just given up with. Fortunately the tramp had by now woken up and was fighting with himself at the other end of the park, and the young couple had both sated their base urges. We (Matt) found the cache, and we said our goodbyes and went our ways. Me - I had catalogues to deliver to the masses. And I also had the Bat as an assistant.

With catalogues delivered we went home, collected Fudge, and went on a bit of a geo-stroll. We put out another new cache, and found half a dozen caches. There was one we didn't find. Interestingly the last chap to find this one seems to have a history of not being able to put caches back where they came from judging by several other local cache reports. I shall have words.
Whilst we were out we found a footpath from South Willesborough to Park Farm. For those of my loyal readers who are unfamiliar with the area, this footpath is a God-send to me; going under the bypass it effectively it opens up the entire east of Ashford for walks into the countryside.

Home to find the postie had delivered two trackables. One has been sent on his way. One will go in a day or so. They both have their own blogs which will appear in the blog-roll to the right when there is anything worthy of note...

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