26 September 2012 (Wednesday) - Dull

What with the torrential rain and the thunderstorm last night I didn't really have a very good night's sleep. I left for work a few minutes earlier than usual to allow time for a quick visit to the supermarket. It was as well that I did - I had to spend an unexpected five minutes driving through a flood. And I must admit that other drivers never fail to amaze me. With rain still torrential and cars aquaplaning in all directions I drove all the way to Canterbury with a twit (employed by Mears builders!) not five yards from my back bumper the entire way. Why on Earth do some people insist on driving in such a foolish and dangerous way when they have their company's name emblazoned all over the vehicle they are driving so badly?

To work, where I did my bit, and then came home again. Unfortunately being on a late finish meant I had to miss tonight's meeting of the arky-ologee club. It transpired that I missed Avis's talk on the history of the post office. Well, that was one winter's evening that must have flown by for some.

After five days that had been rather eventful, today was rather dull...

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