3 September 2012 (Monday) - Dull

I was falling asleep in front of the telly yesterday evening so I took myself off for an early night. I slept soundly for a couple of hours, and woke shortly after 1 a.m. feeling like death warmed up. I then saw every hour of the night, finally giving up and getting up at 5.30 a.m. It's now dark when I get up at 5.30 a.m., and I must admit to finding that to be vaguely depressing.

I got up; I pootled for a bit, and set of to work. A couple of days ago I mentioned that I've developed a tendency to mope. I moped today. The last few days have been really good; astro club, a walk and picnic with friends, fireworks, family barbecue, engagement party. Today wasn't particularly bad in any way. It just wasn't as good as recent days, and so (on days like this) I mope. I know I shouldn't. Things could be a lot worse. I was reminded of this in an email correspondence I had today with an old school friend who was asking if I'd had any luck contacting a mutual friend (who formed the subject of a blog entry from a few months ago) who recently got sentenced to five years for fraud. In our correspondence I heard of another mutual friend who's had to take very early retirement through ill health.
I might be sulking that it's a sunny day outside, and I might be sulking that the sun will set before I leave the building. But I have a lot less to sulk about than some people have.
I did my bit, glossing over the fact that today marks a year since my transfer to Canterbury, and then came home via Steve and Sarah. I'd left the astro club banners in my car, and they will be loading up all the astro kit for Challock Goose Fair soon and so will need the banners. I've also lent them my cooking hammer. I hope they appreciate the honour; I don't lend out my cooking hammer lightly....

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