29 September 2012 (Saturday) - Meopham March

The weekly weigh in. Another pound has finally come off - I'm quite pleased about that. And then I went round to see "My Boy TM" who had somehow trashed his telly with a candle and needed Daddies help to dispose of the wreckage. We needed to get it done as the tip closes on Monday. And it was hard work. There's something about Ashford tip that attracts the idiot element. They can't drive in a straight line; they can't park their cars sensibly....

The original plan for the day has us setting off to the Natural History Museum with the planned excursion, but train tickets aren't cheap so in the interests of being mean we thought we'd give that idea a miss and instead just think of those who'd gone on the trip anyway. I didn't sulk too much.
Instead the remaining clans gathered and we set off for a walk round Meopham. Ten miles up hill and down dale in the sunshine. A good walk for Fudge. And fifty two geocaches along the way. And then three more as a bonus. There's photos of the trip here.

We set off at 9am, we got home at 7pm. I could have gone on to the film evening, but instead stayed home. Monthly accounts needed doing, as did the astro club's accounts. Dull, but a necessary evil. And once that was done I moved Fudge out of the way (the poor pup was absolutely worn out after his walk) and I watched a bit of telly...

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