25 September 2012 (Tuesday) - A Birthday

I woke feeling rather depressed today. After a day which was frankly wasted sheltering from the rain yesterday I wasn't happy to wake to the sound of torrential rain this morning. And I think that despite yesterday's blog I have got a cold after all.

A quick bit of brekkie, and having seen that the rain had stopped I took Fudge for a quick walk round the block. He seemed to like it, and we filled three poo bags on the way. Better out that in, I suppose. I spent a little while mucking about with Facebook games, then went round to see Matt.
We set off, and after ten minutes went back to Matt's house to collect his phone. And then we set off properly. We thought we'd spend a couple of hours geocaching. First of all to one which was somewhat off the beaten track and was (possibly) actually on private land. I'm not sure whether it was or not, but having to clamber over a fence did give me that idea. It didn't help that my geocompass seemed to have gone west to the tune of being out by twelve kilometres.

Into Kennington where we did a church micro and a quick cache in the garden of remembrance. And then the heavens opened. We got soaked. I used my phone to call up the weather forecast which proclaimed that the day was being "partly sunny"! We waited for a break in the rain before making our way back home via Brockington Farmhouse. And then the sun did come out, and dried us out.

Home via Argos (for a birthday present), and having collected the pup we wandered round to see "My Boy TM" who was twenty five today. Twenty five!! Where have the years gone. He's now officially old as he is now more than half my age, He didn't like that.

Being Tuesday the clans gathered. Tonight we watched the first episode of "Merlin". It was actually rather good. Whether it keeps up the standard remains to be seen...

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