30 September 2012 (Sunday) - Kapow

The original plan for today involved going underground in the Dover area, but that was not to be. Backup plans involved going to Folkestone. But bearing in mind that the Folkestone half-marathon was being run today I wasn't keen to spend large parts of the day in traffic jams. So instead we stayed relatively local.

After a quick bit of brekkie we met up with Lisa and Earle and we spent the morning checking out geocaches we'd failed to find in the past. We found a dozen before adjourning to the Hooden Horse for a pint of "Bonkers Conkers" with a sandwich. Steve arrived, and we set off to Purchase woods for a stroll.
The idea was to walk through the woods. The map showed the bridleway going in a straight line down to Daniel's Water. Reality had the bridleway going in a large circle back to where it started; which was embarrassing for the map readers amongst our number. But for all that we didn't reach our intended destination we had a really good stroll in the woods; and got to hide a geaocache too.

Home, where we changed the bedding and I ironed a dozen shirts. Dull, but a job which needed doing. With ironing done I set up a challenge on line. Having found a whole load of gates with bombs being used as posts I thought I'd share this with the world. And then we watched some telly. Telly is good stuff...

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