16 September 2012 (Sunday) - The Griffin's Grizz

Up early again. The original plan for the day was to flog paintings at the psychic fair, but frankly I don't want to give up a day for minimal (i.e no) profit. The next idea was to spend the day sleeping after a night cruise back from Dieppe last night, but that was not to be. I might have been scrubbling around under the ground, but a combination of trips to Scotland, birthday parties and motor racing made most of the usual suspects unavailable for the day, and so that plan has been rescheduled. And I could have done the Rotary club's sponsored walk, if I had been given more than a week's notice.

So with all else having failed I fell back on the new favourite pastime. Eight of us set off to Bluebell Hill and tackled the Griffin's Grizz. A series of twenty six geocaches (and a bonus one). Up hills and down dales. At the top of Bluebell Hill, and down by the river for a pint. Along the busy bypasses, and along some of the most peaceful country lanes. In hedgerows and up trees. I did spend the day wondering about he significance of the name of " The Griffin's Grizz"; scrutiny of the Internet has failed to come up with an answer.

In geocaching the terrain is graded from one (standard pavement) upwards depending on how impassable the ground is. The highest and most difficult terrain is graded as five. Today's walk was graded as difficulty five. I couldn't see it myself. it was rather uphill at times, but we managed to get along.
We started walking at 10am, and got home shortly after 6 pm, having walked an estimated ten miles. There's no denying that I was rather tired, and poor little Fudge seemed absolutely shattered. But it was such a good walk out in the countryside. Wonderful scenery in the company of wonderful people. There's pictures from the walk here.

Home, and we popped out quickly to gather in the catalogues I'd distributed to the masses on Wednesday. As "er indoors TM" set off to find out about the latest developments on flogging candles I did a couple of on-line surveys whilst next door clanged their piano and strangled their violin. Not that I'm complaining about the god-awful racket. I quite like it in fact. All the time they are making such a frankly awful din they have no justification in complaining about anything that I might be doing to annoy them. I just hope they shut up soon. I've had a busy weekend - I could do with a kip...

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