19 September 2012 (Wednesday) - Oh Doctor Beeching...

I woke raring to go after quite a good night's sleep. I wonder if the exertions of the weekend are finally catching up with me. I did a quick on-line survey over a spot of brekkie. That was easier said than done as Fudge was sitting on my chest and I had to operate the keyboard over him; only being able to see maybe a quarter of the thing.
I looked on Facebook and saw quite a lot on mention about "International Talk Like a Pirate Day". I've blogged about that in the past. This year the thing has been something of a non-event; the chap who ran it for years (Mad Cap'n Tom) gave up last year, the official web site yarr.org has gone, and hardly anything has been planned to mark the day. For all that I ranted about the thing in the past, it's a shame that it's died.

I had catalogues to distribute to the masses this morning, and a small dog that needed a walk. So in a fit of foolish bravado I thought I might combine the two. It worked reasonably well. We set off across the park where a fun fair was setting up. It was only a month since a fair was there last, and now another one's there.
We made our way along by the lake, through Singleton, putting catalogues of bargains through selected letterboxes. Twenty seconds to type; two hours to do. And with the last catalogue delivered I found myself only a couple of hundred yards from a geocache I failed to find a few weeks ago. So I thought I'd have another go, and this time I found it.
We then made our way home. Since it was on the way we popped round to visit where Fudge spends his time when not with us. No one was home. So I phoned to see where they were. They were at our house visiting us. We hurried home to meet them.

With a bit of time on my hands I had a go at trying to tidy up the living room. We tend to be out and about whenever possible which leaves very little time for mucking about with trivia like housework. The two tables in the living room have got somewhat cluttered and so I tried to sort out the mess. Whilst tidying I found nine pence in cash, and realised I couldn't find the phone charging cable that I thought was on the smaller table.
I then put away a pile of DVDs that was over three feet high. I would seem to have misplaced my "Brideshead Revisited" and "Voyage to the Planets" DVDs. I wonder what I've done with them.

And then I popped down the road to Lisa's where we then went on a little drive round the Brenzett area. It was a lovely evening; too good to be indoors moping. We intended to go out for an hour; we were out for three. We followed the old railway line down from Appledore as far as Lydd. Once an active railway it was closed by Dr Beeching fifty years ago and is now only used by trains carrying highly dubious cargoes in and out of the nuclear power station. And we found seventeen geocaches and three trackables along that train line whilst we were at it.

And once home I then popped round to deliver tables benches and beer for the weekend.

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