1 September 2012 (Saturday) - Busy

Up with the lark, and having collected the Stanhopians we set off to the farm. Last weekend we'd left our mess tent up to dry, and it needed putting away. This morning it was still very damp, so we left it and got on with the business of the day. We drove up to Sutton Valence where we met up with the Sevenoaks contingent. Ten of us (and a dog and a push chair) went on an eight mile circular hike. Woods and shrublands, hills and vales. A picnic half way round, and C.A. even got an atomic wedgie and a geo-crack-watch into the bargain. Six hours walking found us thirty three geocaches, and did blow away a few cobwebs too. It was good to meet up with Team Wakefield; there are so many people in my life that I meet up with too infrequently.

Back to the farm to find the tent was dry, so we got that down and into storage before zooming home. Once home we had a quick cuppa and a bun and the clans gathered. We organised ourselves into cars, and set off to Sandgate where we met Team Hosey. Then (after a quick geocache mission) I found the off-licence whilst others found the chip shop. And as darkness fell we watched the fireworks. They were rather good fireworks.

It was a shame that hey were all over rather early, so we went back to the Hoseyarium where, after refreshments, we watched a film. "Rio". A Disney-Pixar film which was entertaining. And then home. It was late, and had been a long day, but we decided to watch today's episode of "Doctor Who", because we just knew that if we didn't watch it we would be told what happened.
So we watched it. And for those of my loyal readers, here's what happened..... No; I won't spoil it. But suffice to say that the episode could have done with a plot that didn't contradict itself at least once every five minutes. And having been billed as "every Dalek ever" I must admit to a degree of disappointment in finding that it was actually "every Dalek since 2005 except the black one".

To bed at 1am; feeling rather tired...

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