17 September 2012 (Monday) - Dull

Downton Abbey's third season started last night. I do like that show, but episodes of an hour and a half in length are perhaps just a bit too long. It's also a shame that the success of Downton Abbey would seem to have killed off my favourite period drama of many years; Upstairs Downstairs. But (in this life) you can't have everything.
Bearing in mind I must have walked over twenty miles over the weekend I woke this morning with one or two aches. And I did feel a little bitten. I think I must have offended one of two mosquitoes on my travels over the last couple of days.

I got up and checked my emails, and applied for a couple of jobs that I know I'll never hear back from. I really should stop doing that. I only get my hopes up. Still, nothing ventured and all those platitudes, eh?
A quick belt of brekkie, and I set off for work a few minutes early so's I could pop into Morrisons. I'd forgotten to pick up apples and carrots at the weekend, and whilst I was at it I thought I'd get a flea comb for Fudge. I can remember other dogs of my acquaintance seemed to like being combed. "Mr Trousers" (as I've taken to calling him) has his soppy moments. He might like being combed. And if I got bitten over the weekend it might not have been mosquitoes, Fudge might have picked up some hitch-hikers. Morrisons didn't have dog combs. They did have fruit and veg; expensive fruit and veg. Now I write this I seem to remember blogging about this in the past.

"er indoors TM" got a flea comb from Dobbies, and after I did my bit at work I came home and had planned to give the pestilential pup a rake through. But she'd left the thing at work, so that will have to wait until tomorrow.
And that was the limit of my day today. I ached, I itched, I didn't get to comb the dog. As I have said before some days in my life are really good. And in comparison others are so dull...

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