28 June (Thursday) - Painting the House

Treacle woke me with her whimpering and crying at half past six. Expecting the worst, it turned out that she wanted to play and everyone else was asleep. By the time I’d got up for her she’d lost interest and was settling to sleep herself.
I got up, watched an episode of “Trailer Park Boys” then sparked up the Internet as I do most mornings. It is obvious that some gremlin in cyberspace is watching what I do on-line since as I opened Facebook I was presented with an advert for a trolley which would be ideal for what I need for my fishing gear. And it was only thirty quid. However the thing was “collection only” and by the time I’d done a round trip of two hundred miles the thirty quid would have become seventy what with fuel costs.

I took the dogs round the park. The nice people from the council had turned the Hubert fountain off and were giving it a good clean. They’d also roped off the lower half of the park for tree felling so we cut our walk short and came home. That wasn’t a bad thing; Rolo does try to fight with every big dog he meets.

Once home I hung out the washing, and made a start painting the front of the house. I’ve not painted it since 29 September 2009, so it was rather overdue. After two hours I had the job done, so I painted the wood out the back (again) before settling the dogs and going on a little shopping mission.
I was determined to get a trolley for fishing. B&M bargains had nothing, neither did Wickes or B&Q. I saw exactly what I wanted in Halfords, but they only had one and they had promised it to someone else. They assured my they would have one for me for tomorrow though, and took my phone number so’s they could give me a ring when they came in.
I came back home and over lunch I watched the episode of “Gotham” from two weeks ago. It was rather good.

I considered saying “sod the painting”, but what else was there for me to do? It was too hot for the dogs to go for a walk, so I got ladder and paint brush and gave the front of the house a second coating. A tedious job; in many ways like gardening. You spend ages doing it only to have the end result look no different from how it looked when you started.
As I painted I had a message on my phone. Where had I been last night? There had been a geo-meet last night at McDonalds. That was kept rather quiet.

Just as I was finishing the painting my phone rang. It was the nice people at Halfords. The person for whom they had reserved the trolley didn’t want it any more. Did I want it? I was round there in less than five minutes. I’d been after one of these trolleys for ages. And having fifteen quid off was a very nice bonus.
I lugged it home, and once home I thought I would take a photograph of it and put the photo on Facebook. That’s the sort of thing I do. There was one minor hurdle to overcome though – it didn’t take *that* long to scoop up all the dog poo from the back garden.
As I was in the garden I thought I might weed the gravelled areas. That took over an hour.

"er indoors TM" came home and boiled up a rather good bit of scran. As we devoured it we watched an episode of “Humans”, then watched some celebrities charging round the Crystal Maze. Katie Price was one of them. She used to be rather attractive; now she looks more artificial than the androids in “Humans

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