26 June 2018 (Tuesday) - Busy Busy

I slept like a log last night; waking just before seven o’clock. I had a little look at Facebook as I scoffed my toast, and (as usual) people annoyed me. Why is it that so many people cannot distinguish between the concepts of patriotism (which is a good thing) and narrow-minded racism (which isn’t)? And why is it that those who think their invisible friend created the universe think that everything nice in life is evidence of God’s actions, but ignore everything no so nice?

I had a plan to walk the dogs early before the normal people came out in force. It was a good plan; we got round the park and home again with absolutely no problems, hiccups of fights at all.
Once home I thought I might fix the garden light. I’d bought a new one months ago, but it had vanished into the general mess that is our living room. "er indoors TM" unearthed it last night, and I had a go at it this morning. After five minutes I drove round to B&Q. Over the years I must have bought hundreds of small screwdrivers; where do they all go? Whilst I was in B&Q I got some masonry paint too. That is intended to come in useful later in the week.
I went back to the garden and after a few minutes I had the new light up and running; it took longer to go buy the screwdriver than it took to do the job of getting the light in place. I then painted round the wood to which the light fits, settled the dogs and went on a shopping trip.

First of all I went to the fishing tackle shop. Yesterday’s fishing trip had been fun, but had seen a high attrition rate on my tackle (result!). Five floats, a baiting needle and two packets of hooks and no change from twenty quid.
From there I drove round to Home Bargains near Sainsbury’s. the word on the street was that they had cheap folding trolleys which would be ideal for lugging my fishing gear round a pond. They did have some a weeks ago. They’d sold out.
I got some posh lunch from Sainsbury’s and went home.

As I scoffed posh lunch I watched an episode of “Trailer Park Boys”; I couldn’t imagine them eating posh lunch. I was tempted to watch more telly, but instead I gave the wood another coat of paint, then got the pressure washer out and scrubbed down the front of the house to save a little time later in the week. Whilst I was at it I broke the outdoors broom. I say “I broke”; I actually went arse-over-head over the thing and it didn’t survive. I’ll get a new one in a day or so..
And whilst the hose pipe was run out I topped up the pond and water features and stuff until I couldn’t cope with the heat outside any more.

I came in, and spent a few minutes looking at the household accounts. Bearing in mind I had an unexpected (close-on) five hundred quid bill for fixing the car this month, the accounts could have been a whole lot better. But they could always be worse. After all, what is money for if not to squander foolishly.

Once it had cooled a little outside I pruned back the stuff pouring over the fence from not-so-nice-next-door, gave the wood a third coat of paint, and when "er indoors TM" came home we took the dogs round the park. They’ve got new collars – I’m not sure if the other dogs won’t laugh at them…

For a day’s so-called “holiday” I didn’t stop today…

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