24 June 2018 (Sunday) - Late Shift

I woke in a muck sweat at six o’clock this morning following a rather odd nightmare in which yesterday’s geocaching walk had turned out to be some odd front for a drug-smuggling cartel and in which "My Boy TM" had decided to be a little boy again and promptly deliberately fell down the stairs in an office chair as part of the smuggling drugs to Essex racket.
There are a few people who wonder what goes on in my head; I am one of them.

Over brekkie I looked at the Internet (I usually do). Yesterday I’d posted a piccie of my ten thousandth geo-find to the Facebook group “Geocaching in Kent”, as had "er indoors TM". This morning the two piccies had received over a hundred “likes” and had had kind comments from loads of people (quite a few from people I had no idea who they were).
Ten thousand geo-finds, eh? I had a little look-see at the official stats page. At brekkie this morning I was the three hundred and sixty-sixth most prolific hunter of Tupperware in the UK, but yesterday’s finds hadn’t been counted then. Mid you it’s not just about the numbers. For me the silly game of looking for film pots under rocks gives me guided walks and something to do before a late shift. It has formed the basis of road trips to Oxford, Norfolk and Cornwall. It was a far better tourist guide to Kos than any official guide. And it has found me quite a few decent friends along the way as well.

I spent a little while trying to solve some geo-puzzles, and I got cross. I sometimes wonder if I’ve solved all that I can within fifty miles. Perhaps those remaining puzzles are either beyond me, or have no solution (I have heard rumours that there is one such not too far from work that has been put out purely to annoy a local puzzle solver).
We then took the dogs round the park. Yesterday was ideal weather for walking; this morning an hour round the park was *too* hot.

I set off in the general direction of work. I'd originally been rota-ed to do the early shift today but earlier in the week I had been asked to swap to do the late. With a fifteen-mile walk planned for yesterday I thought doing the late shift might be a good idea. As it was I'd woken at six o'clock this morning anyway and as I drove up the motorway I found myself wishing I'd kept the early shift; at least I would have been finished that bit earlier.

I went to Sainsbury's to get tomorrow's pack-up, and some almond essence. Back in the day almond essence was the secret ingredient in my never-fail fishing bait. I thought I might revive the patented bread-paste tomorrow. I have high hopes for the stuff. Realistically I have low expectations, but I have high hopes. I suppose this pretty much sums up my approach to life. Mind you I hope it works; I can't wait to see
"My Boy TM"’s expression if it does.

I then went to Aldi as I'd heard they had collapsible trolleys. I want one to lug my fishing gear round lakes and ponds. They hadn't got any. I wondered if the cheapo-bargain shop next door might have some...
Oh dear...
I asked the girl at the tills if they sold trolleys. She gave me a shopping trolley. The sort you use to carry your shopping from the shelves to the tills. I explained that I wanted to buy one. She said those belonged to the shop. I asked if they had trolleys for sale; she gave me one of the shop's shopping baskets. I again explained I wanted to buy a trolley; she explained (as though I was some sort of half-wit) that they belonged to the shop. I took a deep breath and explained exactly what I wanted to buy. On seeing her blank expression I then took another deep breath and explained in great detail the entire concept of shopping and retail and capitalism in general. Clearly this was far too much for her; she fetched her manager who told me they didn't sell trolleys at all, but he had heard that Aldi next door had some…

I went for some McLunch, but on seeing the swarming hoards of ill-behaved brats running round the place I gave up and went into work where I had a rather good broccoli-cheese bake and chocolate pudding with custard from the canteen before embarking on work.

Work wasn’t too bad… I wish I’d done the early shift though…

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