10 June 2018 (Sunday) - Painters Forestall

Several friends had been out last night in pubs that had live music, or at open air concerts and festivals. All had posted videos (on Facebook) of what we had missed. There wasn’t one that made me wish I’d been there. What is the attraction of live music? You are packed in (like sardines) with the Great Unwashed, and the music (which isn’t good to begin with) is distorted and echoes so much that the songs I played this morning on Facebook really could have been anything from “God Save the Weasel” to “Pop Goes the Queen”.

Whilst I waited for "er indoors TM" to emerge from her pit I spent half an hour writing up more CPD, then we got our gear and wolf-pack together and set off to Painters Forestall. Having travelled quite some way for walks recently, it was good to have one only half an hour’s drive away.

We soon met up with Karl, Tracey and Charlotte, and set of on a little wander from the village down to the church at Throwley and back again. It was a really good day for a walk in the countryside. As we walked we saw buzzards and kestrels. We saw *huge* edible snails – I’ve never seen those before. The dogs saw a mouse and set off in hot pursuit. I saw a frog and nearly ran in terror – I’ve never realized just how a frog’s legs look just like a huge spider’s legs.
As we walked somehow I managed to catch my left arm and rip it rather spectacularly. I’ve no idea how I did it, but the scar is rather impressive.
As we walked I found myself watching Fudge. For all that he seems to be his normal self, he is obviously losing weight. He’s not the little barrel he was a few months ago. It could be his anal glands are still playing up… it could be worse.
I shall watch him for a while longer and see how he goes…

Geocache wise the walk was hard work… Perhaps I should qualify that. Just recently we’ve walked major series of loads of caches over great distances. Those are (by their very nature) relatively easy finds. Today’s walk of twenty-six caches over seven miles. The hides were trickier. We found most of them, but they took some hunting out, and they were a little more spaced out than we’d been used to.

After seven and a half miles we were back at the car. We *could* have gone to the pub nearby. We went there a few weeks ago, and on the strength of that visit we decided to take our money elsewhere. A ten-minute drive had us at the Chequers in Doddington where we’ve been before. A dog-friendly pub with a rather good choice of ale…
After three pints (and more crisps and peanuts than sense) we staggered homewards.
I slept most of the way home.

Once home I posted up the photos of today’s walk, and "er indoors TM" boiled up a rather good bit of dinner before setting off bowling. I watched a few episodes of “Trailer Park Boys”.
The new season of “Poldark” is on in a minute. I can remember I liked the previous seasons, but I can’t remember anything of what happened other than Demelza’s bosom heaved a lot. Here’s hoping it heaves again…

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