31 May 2018 (Thursday) - This n That

Again finding myself awake rather earlier than I might have been I was watching “Gotham” at six o’clock. Not a bad show really…
I then sparked up my lap-top and looked at Facebook where the world and his wife were seemingly shouting “look at me - I’ve got fibromyalgia”. What is it with sufferers of fibromyalgia that they seem to want to tell the world that they have it?
I had the usual haul of emails too. Again someone of whom I’d never hears was asking to join my LinkedIn network. This time I actually had a look-see at this person’s profile. This person had “a demonstrated history of working in the market research industry” and claimed to be “skilled in Online Moderation, Focus Groups, Market Analysis, Ethnography, and Brand Equity”.
What does any of that mean?

My piss boiled as I listened to the morning news. Apparently the National Health Service has over-spent by about a billion quid over the last year. 
The reason for this overspend wasn't inefficiency or waste, it was "increasing demand". And so consequently we don't have an overspending health service; we have an under-funded one. Mind you I say "under-funded" - the funding is farcical really, isn't it? People just turn up and (pretty much) get what they want, don't they (we)?. 
For example, my left leg gives me gyp from time to time. At some stage in the next ten years I will wander up to the nearest hospital and get a new knee joint put in for for free. Or that is it will seem to be free to me. It will actually cost me and all the other the tax payers tens of thousands of pounds.
Free health care for all isn't free at all. It is rather expensive. Perhaps the time has come to fund the NHS by some sort of national insurance (!) or health insurance. Or decide *exactly* what will and what won't be funded?
But not until I've had my aching joints replaced though, eh?

I stopped off at Sainsburys in Aylesford for some petrol. It has gone up in price tremendously recently, and the stuff is now four pence per litre cheaper in Aylesford than it is in Ashford. Probably just as well bearing in mind I am boycotting the filling station on the ring road.

Work was OK - there were rice Krispie cakes this morning. I like those.  And we had a full-blown tea party this afternoon for a colleague who is retiring.
As the day wore on I got a text from my dentist. They had just had a cancellation - did I fancy an appointment tomorrow morning? I would have done had I been able to. But I wasn't. Getting texts about cancellations from the dentist is a new thing. I wonder what other revelations my new dentist has in store - and I've not even had me first appointment with the new fang-quack yet.

Once home I walked the hounds round the park. Some walks are uneventful; today’s could have gone better, but we were seriously delayed with seemingly everyone wanting to stop and fuss the dogs. Treacle wasn’t having any of it, but Fudge lapped it up.

Oh – and "Stormageddon - Bringer of Destruction TM" has gone down with chickenpox…

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