21 May 2018 (Monday) - Works Bake Off

Again I didn’t sleep well. A really long walk on Saturday; a full day yesterday… I wonder why I didn’t sleep? I really wish sleep was something we could control; wide awake for much of the night, nodding off at the most inconvenient times…
Over brekkie I watched an episode of “Thunderbirds are Go”, Alan and Virgil were off rescuing people today, which is what the show should be about. As I watched so Fudge snored. He has no trouble sleeping after a busy weekend.

My morning rummage round Facebook was rather disappointing; overnight I had not received a single notification. Not one.
"Daddy’s Little Angel TM" had posted that she was off to do jury service today. I’m not sure that is the sort of thing she should be posting on social media (or I should be mentioning here)… but then again, why not? If someone wanted to nobble a jury they are far more likely to watch who is walking in and out of the courtroom rather than hope to find some obscure reference somewhere in the Internet. In many ways it is like all the “don’t put pictures of your children on the internet in case in attracts the paedos” theory. How does that work? Is some freako-type *really* going to randomly find a photo of (say) "Stormageddon - Bringer of Destruction TM"  and then go searching for him? Really?
I only had one email of note this morning. The nice people at Untappd told me about a Belgian beer festival in London: “…Upon arrival, you will receive a glass and off you go, no need to purchase any tokens, all the brewers will serve you an unlimited number of tasting doses of their own creations…” It sounded good; I wondered how much it would cost to get in. The email didn’t say. Nor did the event’s web page. After quite a bit of Googling I found a ticket was over forty quid. Perhaps that was why they kept it quiet; twenty-five quid is a *lot* to spend at a beer festival.

And so to work. As I drove to work the pundits on the radio were talking about…. To be honest I didn’t really listen. As I got in the car so the sport bulletin started. As I have said before I really did hear “blah blah sport - blah blah sport”, my attention wavered, and I didn’t really pay attention again.
I got to work to find that colleagues were setting up the tea room for today’s bake-off competition. I laid out my malt loaves in the “bread” area. I was up against some chocolate and hazelnut pastries and some cheese twists. In all honesty I think the other two did better than me, but having said that, I was quite pleased with my effort. The categories had been given at random – looking at the tray bake, savoury and layered cake categories I think I was lucky to have been put in the “bread” section.
It was ironic that at ten past nine I was asked to go work at Tunbridge Wells for the day. However I got to snaffle some of the various cakes before I went. And seeing how I’m supposed to be on a diet it was probably as well that I was sent away from the cakes.
I had time to photograph some of the cakes before I left – they looked rather good. We’ll have to do it again – after the diet’s finished…

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