3 May 2018 (Thursday) - Beer

Fudge decided to sleep at the bottom of the bed last night. He can be rather grumpy at night and was growling and grumbling every time anyone moved. Bearing in mind how restless the puppy can be, that made for a rather sleepless night. This was a shame; I had been hoping for a decent night’s sleep.

Over brekkie I watched another episode of “Monkey”, then spent a few minutes trying to find out where my blog photos go to. Every day I post one up. Somehow or other my ChromeCast seems to use them as a random slideshow; some of the photos are rather interesting (to me). I’ve been wondering for some time where the thing finds them; it turns out there is an archive.
I had my obligatory look at Facebook and sighed. Once there was all sorts of things going on; now people post less and less. Such a shame. Mind you I did find an advert for a local beer festival this weekend. There is a micro-pub not too far away that is having one. Being at something of a loose end on Saturday I wondered if I might have a day out there. Then I read about all the bands that are playing. Oh dear… They have chosen their target audience, and by having live bands they have specifically said that they don’t want me along. Some bands are half-way decent. Most are not. For myself I go to a pub to be sociable – how can how socialize when the din is so loud you have to communicate by text with the person who is only two feet away from you?
With no emails not destined for the bin I got myself organized and set off to work.

As I drove to work the pundits on the radio were talking about the ready availability of knives in the UK, and there was an interview with Sir David Attenborough, but I wasn’t really paying attention. Early in the drive had been the sports news. For all that they talk about all sorts of varied sporty things which are *really* interesting (if you like that sort of thing), I just hear “blah blah sport” and my mind wanders. After all, sport is to be done, not talked about on the radio.

I had a rather busy day at work, and once home I walked the dogs round the park. Yesterday I walked in front of Fudge and kept shouting for him to keep up. Today I walked behind him and chivvied and chased him and we got round in a fraction of the time.
Once home I had some diet dinner. These diet foods are only “diet” because you get hardly anything in the packet. I ironed shirts whilst watching more “Monkey”, then I then spent a little while on my latest on-line course. I’m spending a few weeks learning about the science of beer.
So far it is rather dull…

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