26 May 2018 (Saturday) - Wadhurst

I downloaded a new book onto my Kindle app last night during a tea break an hour before dawn. Over the last year I've been reading all sorts of sci-fi from authors of whom most people have never heard: Wilson Harp, Ken Loz, M R Forbes, Marko Kloos... e-publishing has given a break to a whole load of authors.  And because an e-book is far cheaper than an actual book, I don't mind taking a chance on an author of whom I've never before heard
This morning I thought I'd try something different. I downloaded "A Song of Ice and Fire" by George RR Martin. It is the book that the rather good TV show "Game of Thrones" is based on. And after half an hour's reading the book there is a *lot* of the TV show which suddenly makes a lot more sense.

 As I drove home I lost count of the amount of Ford Anglias driving down the motorway. Was there a rally today?
I got home and had a quick brekkie. I packed the sarnies that "er indoors TM" had made, we got the dogs organised, and set sail to Wadhurst, stopping for geocachical reasons twice as we went.
(Going straight from a night shift was perhaps a tad ambitious. But the weather forecast for tomorrow isn’t good and I’m working on Monday. If I’d just gone to bed then the entire bank holiday weekend would have been a write-off).

It wasn’t long before we were all poised in the car park ready to go, and seven of us (and two small dogs) went off for a rather good walk.
As we walked I felt rather guilty; bearing in mind the route was along the side of a reservoir I’d told "er indoors TM" that it would be flat. I was surprised at just how hilly it was. But for all that there were hills, it was a rather pretty walk; the scenery was lovely. We had such a good picnic by Bewl reservoir; it was such a shame that Treacle felt the need to fight with every passer-by. On reflection she only got belligerent when we were sitting down for dinner. She had no problems with others when we were moving. Did she see us as “her pack” and was she guarding us as a dog would? Was it her canine instincts? Or am I just making excuses for her having been a pain in the arse?
Having up-hill-ed and down-dale-ed for six and a half miles we found ourselves back where we’d started. We’d started near the Greyhound pub, and so it would have been rude not to have used the facilities there. Three pints went down really well in the afternoon sunshine.

Geocache-wise it was an ideal walk; straight-forward finds sensibly spaced out along a (mostly) well-marked route… mind you I did have reservations about some of the paper logs that had been custom-made for that route. Bearing the legend “if logbook is full do not replace it instead contact…” some had already been replaced.
I was rather baffled by this though. If a logbook is full on one of my caches and someone replaces it, I would thank them profusely. The last thing I want to do is give up a large part of my day to swap over bits of paper.
And I had some serious concerns about the last cache hide. We had a go for it and gave up as we looked suspicious. We phoned a friend, got detailed instructions, and went back. It *really* was up a private drive hidden in someone’s hedge. But whose hedge? If it was the hedge of the person who hid it, then the description should say so. If t wasn’t then it shouldn’t have been there.
After a good rummage in that hedge we were approached by the neighbours who weren’t impressed.
I took a few photos as we walked. I do that…

Having come out straight from the night shift this morning I slept like a log all the way home. Once home we watched “Young Sheldon” and “Plebs” over dinner.
I think I shall have an early night… 

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