8 May 2018 (Tuesday) - At The Vet's

The hypocrisy of some people never fails to amaze me… As I looked at Facebook over brekkie someone was posting onto one of the geocaching pages. The specifics of what she was talking about was irrelevant; it was the sort of thing that some people do with a clear conscience and that others frown upon. There was one chap who was lambasting her quite seriously, seemingly oblivious to how he’d posted about having done exactly the same thing himself (only much worse) only a few months ago.
People get *so* worked up about hunting for film pots under rocks…

As Treacle sat with me I pored over the geo-map looking at a rather epic walk that might be good to fill an otherwise dull Saturday in a few weeks’ time. I then put the leads on to the dogs and we had a slightly less epic walk round the park.

As we walked we met a rather odd woman in Bowens Field Wetland Park. We’ve met her before – she rarely walks her dog because he is so badly behaved, and the poor pup is never allowed off the lead. From what I’ve seen he’s not badly behaved, he’s just a dog. My two wandered up to him to say hello (as dogs do), and from the woman’s reaction you would think her dog was being terrorized by a pack of tigers rather than being sniffed by two small hounds.
We went on to the park where lawn cutting was going on. I’ve mentioned before about how well the council look after Viccie Park. The place was immaculate (as always). As we walked we saw OrangeHead’s posse standing about looking lost. Then I noticed OrangeHead marching toward them clearly intending to make a grand entrance. I and my pups headed off in the general direction of OrangeHead who said hello to us as we passed. Had she actually been with her posse we wouldn’t have got any response, but when she is “sans-posse” she can be quite civil.

Once home Fudge ate the breakfast he ignored earlier, and Treacle jumped into the bath to have a drink of cold water straight from the tap. She likes that.
I fed the fish to the delight and excitement of both dogs; they seem to like trying to snaffle the fish food before the fish can get to it, and again one of the larger Koi sucked Fudge’s nose.
Within minutes of getting home I realized both dogs were snoring. Perhaps yesterday’s walk had tired us all more than we realized. I made sure they were comfortable and set off on a little pre-work adventure.

I went to the vet's to collect flea and worming treatments for the hounds. I arrived to find a new receptionist was being trained. Having had some experience in training people I myself would have spent more time in training her to keep her chest under wraps. Taking a pet to the vets can be rather stressful, and the last thing you want is some young floozy's jubblies as a distraction. Mind you, I might be wrong here -  perhaps the theory is that these might take one's mind off of the stress of the visit to the vet's. Call me old-fashioned if you will but I think she should put them away. There is a time and a place for epic norks and saucy bras, and that isn't at the vet's.

I then drove to Maidstone , and pausing only briefly for geocachical reasons I got myself some McLunch. Three chicken strips and some chips came in at just over six hundred calories. These days I give the milk shake and McFlurry a miss.
I then went to Aldi for some biscuits and came out with a fleece jumper and some garden lights. I *love* Aldi for that reason. You really do go in for a jar of jam and come out with a power-screwdriver and a lawnmower.

And then on to work. I had a rather good day. In a stark contrast for much of my working life over the last twenty years, most days at work are good now.

Mind you a late start made for a late finish. I missed the Tuesday bash, which was a shame…

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