27 May 2018 (Sunday) - Busy, Busy...

I was feeling all-in yesterday evening. Was it a day in the sun followed by three pints? Was it two night shifts with little sleep? Either way I was out like a light for nine hours last night. Mind you I can vaguely remember listening to torrential rain at some point in the night.
Eventually the call of “Trap One” couldn’t be denied any longer and I got up. Once I’d “lost some weight” in there I stood on the scales. I haven’t been quite as diligent with the diet over the last few days, and certainly a night shift means I have an extra meal at 3am that usually I don’t have (because I am asleep) but I was pleasantly surprised to see my weight had held constant at what it was the last time I weighed in.

Over a cup of coffee I looked at the Internet. The photos I posted yesterday had raised quite a bit of interest. I also saw that others had been out and about in the sunshine yesterday too. Some had been camping, some up trees, some flying kites, some drinking beer… And most of humanity had been up all night watching the most impressive thunderstorms. (I thought I heard rain!)
Social media is great if only so that I can be nosey about what others are doing.

With "er indoors TM" out with her mates at Southend for today I drove round to collect "My Boy TM". After a spot of McBreakfast we went up to the Detling showground where the Kent Garden Show was on its second day. Bearing in mind that thunderstorms were forecast for the early afternoon we felt we’d better get in and out quickly. I’d not been to the Kent Garden Show before. As well as there being loads of plants for sale there were all sorts of stalls selling all sorts of stuff too. The first fruit of my loin came out with a foxglove and some other triffid; I came out with sausages, a new shower head, tin geckos and tin dragonflies, and a membership of the Kent wildlife trust. We listened politely to the boring old bloke from the acer club who droned on about his eighty-year-old pal who goes up Mount Fuji for him to get acer seeds. We nodded in agreement as the woman on the Everest double glazing stall told us about her mate’s divorce. We were amazed to find that the ice-cream van didn’t have monkey blood.
After a couple of hours the crowds were getting thicker and thicker. We had been right to get there early.

We came home. "My Boy TM" wanted to get his plants into the garden before Cheryl found where he’s been. I thought I just had time to walk the dogs before the forecast storms would hit. When we were half way round the park I checked the weather forecast on my phone. The forecast storms had been held up and weren’t expected until late afternoon, so I took the dogs swimming. That filled up some time.
With the walk done I fed the pond fish. Fudge and Treacle both got rather over-excited about it.
I then got out my electric screwdriver and put out the garden ornaments I’d bought. They look quite good. Whether they will in a year or so remains to be seen. And with the weather still fine I thought I’d do something I’ve been meaning to do for ages. I got a pair of secateurs and trimmed up the grass around the paving stones that go up our garden. A simple little job – trim away the excess grass, tidy up, and then blast the lot with the pressure washer. Simple!
It took over two hours to do.

I checked the weather forecast again… the storms were having a rather bad time of it and now weren’t expected until late evening. I seriously considered taking the dogs down to the beach for a run, but I wasn’t feeling that well. Too much sun perhaps?
I went up to the kebab shop and got a large chicken doner and chips which I shared with the dogs for our tea. I think it fair to say we all enjoyed it. I also think the dogs had had too much sun as they both went to sleep for the evening.
Bearing in mind I’d not done any ironing for weeks I then had a three-hour marathon ironing session. I finally finished just after nine o’clock.
I then tried out my new shower head. It is pretty good !! it has dangerous chemicals to remove the limescale and soften the water and really fine nozzles to give more pressure. I just hope "er indoors TM" likes it. Oh well… if she don’t it could only be God’s way of telling her not to leave me unsupervised.

The original plan for today had been a long walk. We’d cancelled that because of the weather forecast and I had resigned myself to today being a dull day. It was a busy day – I didn’t stop. I shall be going to work for a rest tomorrow (I hope!)

Oh – and the storms are now expected to put in an appearance at four o’clock tomorrow morning. I must admit to some disappointment with the BBC’s weather forecast. Usually they are reasonably good. But as I always say, the BBC’s weather forecast is definitive. It is correct. In cases of discrepancy it is reality that is at fault…

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