30 May 2018 (Wednesday) - Bit Dull

I was sleeping *so* well when Treacle decided to stage a woofing fit at half past five this morning.
I got up and over brekkie watched last week’s episode of “Gotham”. I was mildly disappointed. Like with most fiction I find I can accept the most implausible of plots and situations *if* the characters are believable. But with two of the major players being utterly at odds to how they had behaved in the last three seasons of the show, today’s episode didn’t do it for me. Particularly so when the continuity was so bad that the scene outside the old courthouse went from broad daylight to darkest night in the time it took to speak a sentence.
With my Fudge fast asleep on my lap (he’s been very soppy these last few days) I got my lap-top to have a look at the Internet. Not a lot had happened on Facebook overnight really. I had a few emails though; Hayley Murphy and Finn A Barrett both wanted to join my LinkedIn network. (I wish I knew what the attraction of my LinkedIn network was). Two more of the worlds top one per cent of geocachers had been (seemingly) randomly selected. I had notifications of jobs for which I would probably never apply, and Amazon were again suggesting I might be interested in stuff I had already bought from them.
Where would we be without the Internet (!)

As I headed through the rain up the motorway the pundits on the radio were lambasting Roseann Barr. Having been brought back to the telly after many years, she's suddenly been dropped following her having made racist slurs on Twitter.
She's very apologetic (isn't everyone after the event) and is now claiming the whole thing as an obscure side effect of the sleeping tablets she's been taking. The pundits on the radio were saying that the real victims of the piece were the hundred or so people employed to create her TV show but who now have gone down with her.
Personally I never thought she was very funny. In my experience people liked her show because they felt everyone else liked it. I've always felt that Woody Allen is much the same. I simply don't find him funny at all, and the only people I know who find him amusing do so because they till me he must be funny because he is so well-known.
I've never understood the lemming-like way in which people choose their TV viewing. I can remember being a fan of the Garry Shandling Show many years ago. A chap with whom I used to work watched it once and hated it. But a few months later he started liking it. The TV critics in the Guardian newspaper had given the show a favourable review, and so because they liked it, so did he.

I did my bit at work, and again struggled to get home; the traffic was so bad. "er indoors TM" was home before me and had taken the dogs round to the park already.

Over a rather good bit of dinner we watched the first episode of the new season of “Humans”; Trying to explore issues that pulp sci-fi thrashed to death over fifty years ago it isn’t a bad show… but could be so much better.

Today was rather dull…

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