23 May 2018 (Wednesday) - Another Late Shift

Treacle is a very nervous and timid dog… when we are out and about. At home she is rather more confident. She showed this by declaring “Red Alert” twice in the small hours of last night.

I looked at Facebook with a twinge of jealously this morning; Sparks’ UK tour started in Glasgow last night. There were several videos of the show being posted up; it looks like I missed something special. Bearing in mind they are based in America and are both in their seventies, I really should get a ticket for one of the shows before it is too late.
I had an email from the nice people who run the “Mammals” app. It seems they don’t accept any old rubbish and review the mammal sightings. They have accepted my deer sighting which I submitted on Saturday. It is good that they actually check the sightings. However what is to stop me reporting the same mammal several times? I suspect this will happen in Viccie Park – how many squirrels can there be in one park?
I also had emails from Orinta Murasovaite and Robyn Steel asking if they could join my LilnkedIn network. I can only imagine that my LinkedIn network must be something special - *so* many people want to join it.

I then took the dogs round the park. I’ve mentioned recently how there are those who take everyopportunity to run down the council’s care of Viccie Park. Again the lawns were being mowed before half past eight. Again the park was immaculate.
We walked round the park and home through the co-op field. Today we didn’t meet anyone else, there were no fights, nothing happened. As walks go it was a tad dull.

Regular readers of this drivel may recall that me and "My Boy TM" went to B&Q a couple of weeks ago when I bought some shears to (hopefully) replace the garden strimmer which is poggered. I tried them out at the weekend - they were worse than useless (the broken strimmer does a better job), and so I took the shears back to B&Q this morning. I went up to the refunds desk and asked for my money back because the shears don't actually cut anything. I was expecting a fight; the utterly disinterested assistant handed back the money without batting an eyelid. That went a *lot* easier than I had expected.

I then drove out to Ulcombe for a little geo-adventure before work. There is a very old geocache there. Five years ago we walked within five hundred yards of it, but thought it too far off of our route to visit. On reflection it probably was, but these older caches usually are on their own with none around them.
I parked up in a church car park five hundred yards away from my target (this being the closest that I could park) and walked along a rather overgrown footpath. After a while I came to a swamp. Fortunately the path went by the side of the swamp, and not through it. The first four hundred yards of the walk to the cache were a bit uninspiring, but the last hundred yards were rather pretty. I soon found the fifteen-year-old sandwich box and signed the log. A recent finder of this cache had written quite an essay in the log book, including a little bit about how Bill's son was a "hottie". I couldn't help but wonder who Bill was, or just how much of a "hottie" his son was.
Pausing only briefly to act very suspiciously round the village sign I then drove up to the church at Broomfield where (carefully avoiding the ramblers) I found a gravestone, solved a puzzle, and soon found a film pot behind a rock up a tree. As one does in my world.
When I walked back to my car I saw an elderly couple who were having a picnic in the church garden. We all looked at each other and all realised we were sniggering about the ramblers. I got chatting with the couple - they showed me their plan for a six mile route round the area starting from Leeds castle. I might just walk it and see if I can't find some rocks along the way under which I might put some film pots.

I then drove up to McDonalds for some lunch, and then popped into Aldi. Aldi - what a shop! I went in for biscuits and came out with a pair of secateurs and three pairs of underpants.

Work was work; as I drove home, the Mael brothers (them out of Sparks) were being interviewed on the radio. It was something of a disappointment.

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