17 May 2018 (Thursday) - Another Late Shift

As I switched on my lap-top this morning the Firefox browser announced it was going to update itself. After a while it was ready to go but looks and seems *exactly* the same as it was before. If it is going to mess about updating why doesn’t it have something to show for itself?

Facebook was relatively calm after all the arguments of yesterday, which was probably for the best. Pretty much every hobby I’ve taken up I’ve given up not because of the hobby itself but because of the toxic people I encounter whilst doing it. I actually enjoy rummaging under rocks looking for hidden boxes and I don’t want to be forced out of the game like I have been so often in the past.
People are a problem… I’ve said before that people in general don’t know how to disagree. Given a point of view with which someone disagrees, they rarely seem to counter with “I disagree for the following reasons…”. Instead people generally seem to either rudely dismiss the point of view, or rudely dismiss the person expressing that point of view.
I was taught the basics of debate at school… wasn’t everyone? Clearly not.

Talking of school, over on the Facebook page for old boys of the Hastings academy for budding geniuses there were some rather harsh words being said about my old headmaster. And if you type “George Henshall Hastings Grammar School" into Google, the first result you get is a biography of the husband of the author Catherine Cookson in which Mr. Henshall is described as “violent”.
I can remember him as being rather strict and somewhat “old skool”, but the George Henshall I read about this morning wasn’t the one in charge of my old school.

I took the dogs for our morning walk. As we walked up the road Fudge tried to pick a fight with a double-decker bus. I wish he wouldn’t. As I pulled him away I suddenly found myself staring in shock.
There were a gaggle of young ladies walking by in what might jokingly be described as “school uniform”. They *might* have been going to school. Quite frankly they might equally well have been going to a pervert’s convention or to the filming of a fetish-porno movie. Now (call me puritanical if you will) but I’m somewhat old-fashioned. A schoolgirl’s skirt should be at least knee length. It shouldn’t be seriously struggling (and failing) to cover the bum. I’ve recently seen adverts on Facebook for Japanese sex dolls which were dressed in pretty much the same way as these young ladies were. There is absolutely no way that "Daddy’s Little Angel TM" would have gone to school dressed like that (not that she went much).
Eventually I calmed down.
As we walked through the park I had my phone poised ready to use my app to document any mammals that we encountered. (Strictly speaking all those (possibly) schoolgirls were mammals, but I thought it best not to photograph them). I was rather disappointed with the results of today’s mammal survey. Apart from a few schoolkids and my dogs there weren’t any mammals to be recorded in the park. Not one.
However when I took my morning photo in the Chinese Garden I realized Treacle’s bum was covered in paint. "er indoors TM" has been painting the kitchen; I wonder if she knows there is a dog-sized splat on one of the walls?

We came home, and I spent half an hour on my cryptography course. I’ve done quite a few courses with Coursera; this one is by far the most difficult. This morning we learned about how easy it is to crack the encryption on a DVD. I say “how easy”; with the high-speed computers of today cryptography has moved on leaps and bounds since the Enigma machines of the 1940s.

I settled my pups, and went off to get some petrol. Half way through refuelling "er indoors TM" sent me a message. Just as I answered it, so the petrol pump cut off. It just wouldn't work again. I went into the kiosk to see what was going on and the supposedly attractive grannie was really arsey with me. She'd deliberately turned off the pump because she didn't like people using mobile phones. When I asked why she seemed to think it was "obvious". She seemed blissfully unaware that the United Kingdom Petroleum Industry Association (UKPIA) has done several investigations into the use of mobile phones in petrol stations and found that "There were no confirmed ignition incidents associated with mobile phones anywhere in the world."
I've told her I shall take my money elsewhere in future.

I drove up to East Farleigh where I had a little geo-adventure and finding myself some distance from McDonalds I treated myself to a pork and apple baguette.
And then I did the late shift… It was hard work.

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