9 December 2015 (Wednesday) - My Elbow Hurts

Whilst "Daddies Little Angel TM" is waiting for somewhere more permanent to live we are looking after little Sid. He is a sweet enough pug even if he does smell and doesn't seem to be quite so toilet-trained as Fudge is. I got up this morning and spent a moment "clearing up" after him before sending both dogs into the garden. "Furry Face TM" ran straight out there; Sid had to be pushed (proving he had no real need to go as he's already been)

There was a near disaster over brekkie; the episode of "Dad's Army" which was broadcast on Saturday evening was aired late because the snooker over-ran. However my SkyPlus box knew all about this and just kept recording snooker until "Dad's Army" started when it then recorded the whole episode. My old VHS never did that.
I was pleased to discover this function. I quite like watching the show as I scoff toast (even if it would have been better without Clive Dunn)

I spent a little while scraping the ice off of my car then set off to work. As I drove the radio was talking about the plight of the poor people in Cumbria who've been flooded out by the recent storm. The local council have announced that these people won't have to pay council tax all the time their houses are under water. However there was uncertainty as to whether they would still have to pay utility bills. If my house was flooded out I wouldn't expect to have to pay for gas and leccie. But this is what happens when what should be a public resource is now a private enterprise.
And my piss boiled whan I heard that the Football Association has recommended that results of matches played in under-11 leagues should not be published as those who've lost find it offensive. In that case why keep score at all?

I got to work and did my bit. As I did it I kept glancing out of the window. Today's weather was glorious; it would have been an ideal day for moving house. unlike yesterday when it rained hard.
I also kept glancing at my elbow; I think I strained that yesterday.
It still hurts now...

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