5 December 2015 (Saturday) - Geo-Christmas Party

Last night I was feeling rather tired. I had a reasonably early night and slept well.. I woke refreshed and raring to go only to see it was 2.20am. I rolled over and went baack to sleep. Before long I was embroiled in a rather vivid nightmare in which "Furry Face TM" had fallen from the sea wall in Dymchurch and had dislocated or broken his front right leg. I woke up sobbing pathetically.
Did I ever mention that I never wanted a dog?
It was still before 4am. In situations like this I sometimes find that getting up and doing something helps. So I got up and had a shave. It was a little cold as I scraped, but it worked; I was now tired. I then went back to bed and slept through till 7am.

I got up and opened today's window of my lego Advent Calendar. Today I had a little areoplane, so I took a photo and posted it on-line. Again this lego Advent Calendar seems to have developed a life of its own. I can't help but wonder what will happen tomorrow. It would be very easy to open all the windows and find out, but that would be cheating.

I took my dog for a walk. Some days we go for hours and hardly anything of note happens. Today was different. As we walked round past where the councill says horses aren't supposed to be (I counted ten horses today) we saw something odd. A random looney was doing his excercises on the footpath. So I filmed him for a while. The video wasn't as good as it might have been; when making clandestine videos of random looneys, sublety is everything.
As we walked past the random looney Fudge barked at him. Somewhat half-heartedly I thought.
From here we walked down to the bakery. Saturday morning is Belgian bun time. Lee's mum was behind the counter in the bakery. Lee was one of my cub scouts (twenty years ago) and at the time Lee's mum was rather foxy (woof!). She's still got it !! And she remembered me. Result !!

We came home, uploaded the video of the random looney to YouTube and scoffed the Belgian buns. Despite the serious plus factor of Lee's mum I wasn't impressed with mine.
We then made our way to ean where eight of us had a little geo-walk round Beacon Wood. It was a good wood to walk around; but I do feel that I could have done with a little more familiarity with the area; I did feel I was following the GPS arrow far more than following footpaths.
And from the woods we drove to the Kent County geo-Christmas event. It was *really* good; meeting with friends, eating cake... and I got voted "Geocacher of the Year"... for a moment I really was lost for words. I had a little drinkie (or two) to settle my nerves. It's just possible I might have had one too many...

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