12 December 2015 (Saturday) - Sid's First Geo-Walk

I was woken by a huge crash at 3am.Sid (our house guest) had opened the stair gate and was trying to jump onto the bed. But he's not of the most athletic physique and couldn't make the jump. I got up and chivvied him back downstairs where "Furry Face TM" was sitting in the sofa with a look on his face not entirely unlike that which behaving cub scouts used to wear whilst watching the thicker of their companions failing to misbehave.
Seeing no little accidents in the living room (yet) I sent both dogs outside for two minutes, then went back to sleep. Amazingly I actually got back to sleep, and slept until 5am when I woke in a cold sweat following a vivid dream in which because of my involvement with the astro club I had been given the task of providing the late Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher practical advice on dealing with nose bleeds.

Over brekkie I checked out the Internet, and then had a rather irate text from "Daddies Little Angel TM". Apparently Sid *is* house trained. He knows how to tell people that he needs the loo. But if everyone is asleep when he needs to go and consequently no one can see him then what is he supposed to do?

I spent a few minutes solving rather fiendish (I thought) geo-puzzles until "er indoors TM" was ready and then we set off on today's mission. Usually we go for a serious walk on Sundays, but there is other stuff on the agennda for tomorrow so today we went down to Peasmarsh. Often when we walk we go mob-handed but bearing in mind that today was something of an experiment (Sid's first serious hike) we thought we'd keep things low-key just in case I ended up carrying a pug for several miles.

We drove down to Bixley Woods and we hadn't even left the car before I wrenched my back by swinging up my haversack. But I soldiered on; we wandered up the lane and into some woods. I was brave and let Sid off of the lead. And he was as good as gold. Whilst the other two were their usual excitable boisterous selves, Sid pootled along sniffling and snuffling. Whenever he got more than ten yards behind I could see panic set in and he would run to catch up.
There was a dodgy five minutes when we could hear F-birds (pheasants) in the distance, but we got the dogs onto their leads before they reallised what was happening. There was a funny five minutes when Fudge fell in a stream. There were some rather tricky geo-hides to find, and there were some rather clever ones too.
We found twelve geocaches along a well-marked route over a couple of hours and found ourselves back at the car much earlier than I had thought we would be.

We scoffed our sandwiches and with time on our hands we drove a mile down the road to a smaller geo-series of eight caches. We thought this would fill the spare time nicely...
I don't want to be negative; someone has gone to a lot of time and effort to hide these things for me to go hunt them. But, on reflection, the first series seemed so much better. For all that there were a couple of really good ideas on this second loop, the GPS units didn't settle down, we struggleed to find caches, and when we did the co-ordinates of the caches seemed to be rather out. Also there didn't seem to be any clearly marked footpath route; at one point we found ourselves doing a "follow the arrow" through the jungle for two hundred yards when it became apparent that the path was going in entirely the wrong direction.
Or perhaps I was just sulking as I nearly (but not quite) bent my knee backwards when struggling with one of the two caches we couldn't find.

I slept most of the way home, and when we got home I forrgot that I'd done for my knee and nearly fell out of the car when I lunged out. Woops. I hosed the mud off of both dogs and it wasn't long before they were both snoring.
I took a few photos whilst we were out today. I put them on-line as the dogs snored.

The plan for th evening was to go out on a night walk. But I ached; my right elbow's not been right for some time and after my little episode in the mud today my right knee was playing up too. So I backed out of the night walk and stayed indoors.
Hope it gets better soon....

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