9 December 2017 (Saturday) - A Day in Ashford (for once!)

There’s no denying that I felt a tad grim when I got up this morning, I blame pretty much anything except the copious amounts of beer I poured down my neck last night.
I made myself a coffee, and guzzled it whilst staring at the Internet whilst my piss boiled. There was lots of talk about the ongoing Brexit deals, and the consensus of opinion is that Britain is basically going to have to do as the EU tells it to do in the future. But what actually wound me up was that the very people complaining about how Britain now has no say in formulating EU laws and policy were the very people who were advocating Brexit a year or so ago.

We settled the dogs, then drove round to the French Connection. Karl, Tracey and the girls had stayed there overnight and we went along for brekkie. Cereal was followed by a Full English. Very nice.
We then came home to collect the dogs, and together we took them round the park where we played “Cops and Robbers” – not a bad Wherigo even if I do say so myself.

With the dogs walked we settled them and went round to the Outlet centre. The girls went shopping; Karl and I found a stall selling European beers, and we settled in for the duration. German wheat beer, fruli… not too shabby at all.
Eventually the cold got the better of us and we wandered off to find the girls (meeting a distant cousin as we went). We had a little shop-about. I saw a rather sexy jacket, but it was too small for me. However the chap in the shop had one in my size… I bought it. It was (and is) incredibly sexy. Ideally I would have got one from a charity shop as if it was cheap I wouldn’t mind it getting beat up. But I shall just wear it regardless.

We thought about getting a crafty half in the Riverside on the way home, but the place looked rather busy. I’ve formed the opinion that it is more of a restaurant than a pub these days, so we gave the place a miss.
We said our goodbyes; Karl Tracey and the girls went home. I sparked up the lap-top and started making preparations for the geo-meet I’m running in February. Creating the web page took over an hour.
As fiddled about, "er indoors TM" snored on the sofa.

She eventually woke, and set off to the Saturday night film show. I stayed home with the dogs and put various drivel on the telly and we all dozed through it. As we so often do…

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