6 December 2017 (Wednesday) - Waste of a Day Off

I spent much of the night shivering what with "er indoors TM" having captured most of the duvet and the weight of the puppy pulling down the rest. I eventually managed to twist myself into an odd shape round the dogs and got some sleep, but woke up with backache.
Over brekkie I had a look at Facebook. Not much had happened overnight really. Probably for the best. I then spent a few minutes on a geo-puzzle which had occupied my for a couple of hours last night. If any of my loyal readers know of something in the vicinity of Newgate prison which used to be fourteen days but was reduced, could they let me know what it was reduced to. Failing that the password for this web page would be good. It is something to do with something on the pavement outside a London pub.

I popped the leads onto the dogs and drove for ten minutes out into the countryside. We parked up and walked for a couple of hours. As there had been a load of talk on the “Geocaching in Kent” page (but very little activity) about an event at the New Year I thought I might see if I could put something together.
We had a good walk. Even if Fudge did wander off on his own. We soon found him with a look of panic in his eye; he was rather frightened that he’d got lost. And about half way round Treacle got a *serious* shouting-at from me. Does she really have to pull with all her might every step of the way? When they are off the leads in the woods all is fine, but in fields with goats and sheep in them she has to be sensible.
After two hours we got back to the car. I’d found hiding places for a series of seventeen new geocaches as we walked. We came home and I did the admin for setting up the geocaches. It took over twice as long to do the paperwork as it did to walk the route.
I emailed one of the geo-feds to see if the locations are permissible, and then having spent the best part of seven hours on this little project it turned out that someone else *was* arranging something for New Year’s Day after all. After a little squabbling it was suggested I organised an event during the daytime of New Year’s Eve, but any such event would (for various reasons) have to be over by 1pm *and* more than twenty miles from Folkestone. That doesn’t suit me, I’m not interested in doing that, but that didn’t stop me being constantly badgered about the matter.
Still, as a little walk the project still might be on (depending on what the geo-feds say).

"er indoors TM" came home and boiled up a rather good bit of dinner. As we scoffed we watched “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” (via Netflix). Yesterday I’d been told how good it was. What I saw (when not fast asleep) was rather tedious. Like most films it was between half an hour and an hour longer than it needed to be.
I hear the next Star Wars film is out in a few days’ time; I shan’t be hurrying to see it.

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