28 December 2017 (Thursday) - Still Feeling Grotty

I slept like a log, waking one minute before the alarm went off. I looked out of the bedroom window as I do every morning and was amazed to see the cars outside covered in thick ice. The weather forecast had predicted a mild night.

Over brekkie I watched “Thunderbirds Are Go” (I like that cartoon) then had a look at the Internet. I saw I’d been mentioned on one of the geocaching pages on Facebook. Someone new to the game was asking about the hobby and someone else I barely know was suggesting they joined in a walk I might organise. I suppose I’m flattered that people see me as an organiser in hunting Tupperware.
With no emails of note I got dressed and once the coughing fit had subsided I went to scrape the ice from my car. The ice took some shifting.

As I drove to work the pundits on the radio were talking about how the bishop of Liverpool has denounced several evangelical American vicars for their openly supporting the policies and activities of President Trump. Apparently supporting what he does rather goes against Christian teachings.
Mind you (without wanting to give offence) I always felt that the whole American-capitalist way of life went against Christian teachings. After all, isn't all of what Jesus taught basic socialism? But what do I know?

I rather lost interest in the rest of the news; it was only when I got to Maidstone that I realized I couldn't remember a word of what had been said. Some mornings the news is interesting, on other mornings the presenters might as well say "blah blah blah" for half an hour for all the notice I take. Between the sport and "Thought for the Day" there is quite a bit of scope for my mind to wander.

I got to work without too much bother; it was more like driving on a Sunday that a Thursday today. I did my bit in between coughing fits. Perhaps I should have phoned in sick today?

Once home we scoffed left-overs whilst watching a film. “Epic Movie”. I’d not seen that before. It was rather good. We then watched more re-runs of the Crystal Maze that the SkyPlus box recorded months ago.

I really should have an early night…

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