7 December 2017 (Thursday) - At the Dentist

I slept well for once; mainly because the puppy slept well. Over brekkie I sat with a dog on either side of me as I had a look-see at the Internet. I had an email from the geo-feds about the preparation I’d done yesterday for a series of caches. All was fine, and I now have three months in which I can set the series live… I *could* do it when the rain stops, but I’ve decided to wait until my birthday in the New Year and do it with a formal geo-event.

The original plan for today was a day’s fishing, but the rain put paid to that idea. As the washing machine did its thing I took the dogs for a walk through the drizzle. Treacle was a pain. When on the lead she pulled with all her might. When off the lead she stayed within a foot of me.
As we walked we met one of the regular Viccie Park dog walkers. She wasn’t so much walking her dog as riding a bike up and down the park as her dog ran alongside. I suppose both get exercise that way.
As we came across the co-op field I met an old colleague. It was good to catch up… when I left where I worked seven years ago it wasn’t a good place, and despite formal anti-bullying policies, the departmental bully is still in place and bullying all and sundry. An anti-bullying policy is ideal for management. Having such a policy means that (by definition) you don’t have that problem and so can happily ignore it… I’m so glad I’m out of there.

Once home Treacle then ran off all the energy she should have run off whilst we walked, and I hung out laundry and put more in to scrub. More laundry went into the machine, I settled the dogs, and went for a little drive.
As I’d scoffed brekkie I’d seen an advert for the shop at the Old Dairy Brewery in Tenderden. They advertised all sorts of things that might be good for an Xmas pressie for "er indoors TM" so off I went. I got there to find their shop was little more than an off-licence. They sold beer and nothing else. Oh well… if nothing else I got a gallon of “snow top”.

Pausing only briefly to brave the rain at Tesco I came home where I spent a couple of hours doing the ironing before going to the dentist. I got the thumbs-up, and then the dentist shook my hand, thanked me for all my custom over the years, and said goodbye. He’s off to work in London, and from here on in my gob will be seen to by “Tilly upstairs”.
I’ve not had much luck with dentists over the years. The first chap I had when I moved to Ashford was more nervous that I was. His hands shook when doing dentist-ing. He was succeeded by a chap who had a telly in the dentist-ing room and he spent most of his time enthralled by the telly; only working on my gob during the adverts. The next one never kept a single appointment.
This one has been very good; I’m sad to see him go.
 Tilly upstairs” only works three days each week, whereas my gob is 24-7. This isn’t going to work…

I came back from the dentist and found both dogs raring to go, so we walked round the roads, Just as we came back home we found the pavement blocked by a van from Crystal Windows. Not content with blocking *most* of the pavement, the driver was to-ing and fro-ing the van to block *all* of it.
Together with all the other pedestrians we walked in the middle of the road to get round the van. Amazingly the van had one of those “How’s my driving” notices on it. I phoned them and told them. I got the distinct impression they were getting sick of hearing about that van.

"er indoors TM" came home, fed me, and shoved off again. I’ve now got to sort my socks into pairs without the puppy eating my pants.
When I was a child I expected so much more out of life…

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