9 December 2011 (Friday) - Mr Christian !!!!

Today’s news is very popular with the average Englishman. With the European Union seriously considering having a proper union, England stands alone. Having made the decision to veto any changes to the E.U. treaty, the Prime Minister has never been so popular.
Was his decision the right one? Frankly I don’t really know, and I doubt whether one person in a thousand knows (or even understands the issues) either. But all that matters is that we as a country have told Johnny Foreigner to get bent, and that is enough for the vast majority of the population.
I would so like for us as a country to have grown beyond that stage…

Meanwhile back in reality life goes on. I was on an early today. An early start makes for an early finish, but finishing work early in Canterbury means I arrive in Ashford for the rush-hour traffic. Which is a pain.
Once home I got the ironing sorted, and after fish and chips (486 calories), ‘er indoors TM went out. I stayed in and watched telly. The 1960s version of “Mutiny on the Bounty” – a classic!!

Meanwhile Harry Ramp has done a runner. And wouldn’t you with a mad axe murderer on the loose. One can’t help but feel that had the forces of law and order put more effort into catching mad axe murderers and less effort into lego Christmas trees, then the world might have been a safer place.

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