8 December 2011 (Thursday) - Telly

I had a wonderful evening last night - I sat down with ‘er indoors TM and we watched telly. We started with two episodes of Terra Nova. I do like that show. The plot now has more twists than a twisty thing. I've checked Wikipedia and there's no talk of the show being cancelled yet, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it doesn't make it to a second season; if only because all good programs seem to get cancelled these days.
We then watched the first episode of the remake of "Charlie's Angels". It has to be said that the series in the seventies was rather rubbish, and the remake seems to be keeping true to the original. Following the theme of Alexi Sayle's classic film "Things Exploding", the show seemed to favour explosions and gun battles over the concept of a plot.

My phone vibrated today (I have it on silent at work) - I had a text from some random number telling me that following my accident they had arranged for me to get £2751 in compensation. That seemed a very precise amount for someone to come up with: especially bearing in mind that I've not tried to claim compensation for any accidents recently.
They said they would arrange for me to get the money if I replied "Yes" to the text. I suspect replying "Yes" to the text would cost me the best part of that £2751. I won't reply to them.
A colleague who was by my side when the text arrived told me he gets lots of texts like that. So far I haven't. I get plenty of spam emails, but not spam texts. I do hope this isn't the start of something....

And after work we were driven down to the Hoseys where, after a smashing bit of tea we watched more telly -  some episodes of “Burn Notice”: something I’ve not seen before, but something I shall certainly watch again. Hopefully at the Hoseys.

Meanwhile Harry Ramp has escaped incarceration and is, like so many professional vagrants, enjoying a cup of tea on the park bench.
We say “cup of tea” – all we know for sure is that it’s a cup of something. Perhaps he’s just become more cultured with time and no longer drinks Brasso straight from the bottle?

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