17 December 2011 (Saturday) - An Evening Out

The weekly weigh –in: three more pounds lost. The weight is coming off nicely. If only I didn’t feel hungry all the time.

I wandered up town to get some makings of lunch for the week - carrots and apples from the market are good quality and are very cheap. Ant the walk is god exercise too. Strangely the town wasn't especially busy: not that I'm complaining.
And then home again. "er indoors TM" 's laptop was playing up, and "Daddies Little Angel TM" needed taking back to Folkestone, so whilst the girls set off to the coast I ironed my shirts, and then spent the afternoon watching the telly: a "Compo and Clegg show" marathon followed by "Dad's Army - the Movie".

And finding myself telly-ed out, we went round for dinner with friends for the evening. Smashing food; smashing company. And after a truly wonderful chicken in white wine sauce followed by home-made cake we played the Logo game: a new one on me, but great fun. We really must do it again.

We eventually got home about midnight and then sat up playing silly games on the computer till really late.. I think that I might have overdone my calorie allowance for the day, but the occasional overindulgence doesn't hurt too much....

Overnight the “Old-Bill-Mobile” has become somewhat blinged. Which is more than can be said for the mad axe murderer.

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