20 December 2011 (Tuesday) - Feeling Poorly

The plan for today was a meeting for the morning, and then would take the afternoon off. The meeting went west, so I spent the day at home. To be honest I wasn't feeling 100%: my sinusitis was playing up quite seriously today. I curled up on the sofa; pulled a blanket over myself, put "Survivors: Season 2" on the DVD player, and sulked for six hours.
I don't cope with illness very well.
And being Tuesday we went round to Chris's house. Rather than the usual TV, tonight we watched a film: "The Amazing Mr Blunden". I can remember watching this in the cinema when it first came out nearly forty years ago. I could remember it being a good film, and i wasn't disappointed. It has to be said that the ending was rather weak, but that can be said of a lot of films form the early 70s.
I was amazed to find that the film had been directed by Lionel Jeffries - he played the Grandad in "Chitty Chitty Bang Bang" - I had no idea that he was a director.
Meanwhile our newest friend has realised that preparation is everything: it's all very well blowing a safe (oo-er!) provided one has the wherewithal to make a quick get-away. Clearly a snowmobile lacks the boot space that a blinged police car might have.
It's amazing how upsetting a failed get-away can be - that crowbar is certainly not at a very rakish angle....

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