24 December 2011 (Saturday) - Christmas Eve

It is something of a family tradition that on Christmas Eve, "er indoors TM" goes visiting various relatives and drops off pressies along the way. Usually I'm working on Christmas Eve, so I don't normally get to go along. This year with Christmas Eve being a Saturday I got to go along. As did the rest of the tribe; chauffeured by the Rear Admiral.

The first port of call was my mummy's house where we exchanged insults over a cup of coffee, then moved on to my mother-in-law for a glass of Bailey's. Very nice.
And then to the brother-in-law's house where his nearest and dearest were all watching him play "Grand Theft Auto" or some such game. Whatever it was, it looked interesting.

We then popped next door to the chip shop for some sustenance, then after getting some petrol we drove out to Westfield to see my sister-in-law. My niece wasn't feeling well, so whilst everyone "familied" in the kitchen, me and her watched "Chitty Chitty Bang Bang" in the living room. An excellent film.

Pausing only briefly for a flying visit to my father-in-law, we got back home with half an hour to spare before our lift arrived. And then the Bat took us to Folkestone where the clans gathered. There was a minor panic when we realised we'd forgotten the dice, but that was nothing that a quick phone call couldn't put right.
Usually we meet up for New Year's Eve, but this year was different, and twenty of us scoffed, watched films, played the parcel game, and had a wonderful evening.
I eventually got to bed shortly after 1.30am. Absolutely worn out. I'd had a brilliant day just meeting up with family and friends. For all that I've been getting rather self-absorbed lately I am very much aware of the wonderful people in my life.

In another plane of reality Santa has arrived. He's having trouble telling the difference between who's been good and bad. But when one has just come up the chimney, one is hardly in any position to take the moral high ground.

And here's a thought - it's not actually Christmas yet, but creme eggs have been spotted in the shops already....

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